Third HUBTECS workshop

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Newly opened Startup Center Niš was the host of the third and final HUBTECS workshop, which concluded the buildup from two previous meetings, in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The IoT-oriented workshop gathered prominent lecturers from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, as well as various IT professionals and students. HUBTECS aims to gather local IoT and robotics companies and experts into a hub, which would provide the much-needed resources towards cooperation and increased production in the field.

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HUBTECS was once again opened by Milica Đurić of University of Belgrade’s Innovation Center, who presented the key points of the project, supported by the previously conducted feasibility study, which confirmed a strong need for a dedicated IoT hub in Serbia and the region. The study showcased the competences and needs of Serbian IT companies, stressing their expertise in software development, but also showing a distinct lack of resources when it comes to hardware development, which is one of the issues the future hub hopes to resolve.

One of the ways how it can be done was presented by professor Goran Đorđević (Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš). Mr. Đorđević explained how the development of affordable robotic arms, intended either as a tool or prosthetics, can be serialized within local production capacities. With the prototype already in the demonstrable phase, the production of robotic arms could kick-start the IoT and robotics industry in the southern Serbia, should the proper resources appear.

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The workshop was then joined remotely by Dejan Milenović, the CEO of Netico GmbH, a company dedicated to IoT technologies in industrial automation. Mr. Milenović presented several projects of his company, with the accent on smart solutions in power management.

After a brief pause, a panel discussion was introduced, where Ms. Đurić and Mr. Đorđević were joined by Darko Todorović, the R&D director of HTEC, and Vladimir Sibinović, of Startup Center Niš. The discussion saw the panelists answering the questions of the audience, with Mr. Todorović explaining the necessity of market research prior to production (which is a common startup issue both locally and globally), and Ms. Đurić delving deeper into the intricacies of the future IoT hub.

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