Webinar — From Concept to Product: Is There a Fast Lane in MedTech?



26 October

10:00 – 11:00 EST


Online, via Zoom

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We are excited to invite you to the upcoming webinar – From concept to product: Is there a fast lane in MedTech? 


Host: Sava Marinkovich, Head of HealthTech, HTEC Group  

Guest Speakers: 

Mette Dyhrberg, Founder & CEO, Mymee Inc. 

Nemanja Kovacev, Expert for MedTech at HTEC Group 

Adriano Garcez, Director, Outcomes Research, ZS Associate 

Dev Nathan Kalyan, Managing Principle, VANDANAM LLC 


Approaches like rapid prototyping of medical devices come with countless challenges. For instance, the rapid development of new medical products, especially those involving hardware, must progress in lockstep with regulatory constraints. But this is only one of them. To be able to thrive and offer superior experience to patients, companies must explore ways to challenge some of the traditional assumptions, especially with technologies that help reduce risk, and test value propositions more quickly.  

What’s important for success when it comes to fast-tracking medical devices?

Join this webinar to hear thought leaders discuss the latest approaches and thinking around medical device innovation in a rapidly changing world. 

Key Points to be covered in the webinar:

  • Key differences between rapidly prototyping and testing new products in HealthTech versus MedTech 
  • The indication to innovation path – better to be a market maker or a fast follower? 
  • Why new product building in MedTech and HealthTech is essential to market success 
  • Where do new product ideas in health falter, especially in early-stage ventures?   

Read the full article published by the Medical Alley Association here.  

About Panelists  

Sava Marinkovich — Head of Healthtech Practice, HTEC Group Inc., leads the Healthtech and MedTech practices at HTEC Group, a global consulting, product development and digital platform engineering company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, UK, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands. Sava is a veteran healthtech executive with extensive product, strategy, and investment experience. Early career foundation at GE Healthcare, Sava has built and launched multiple consumer and medical devices from concept to manufacturing and market. 

Nemanja Kovacev — A physician and software engineer with 15 years of combined medical and software development experience. Expert in AI in healthcare specialist and the lead author and a co-author of national and international medical, engineering, and popular science papers. Nemanja participated in a number of national and international medical and IT conferences as a lecturer and as a session chair. Currently working as a MedTech Expert at HTEC Group, as well as an Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon, and Digital Health Advisor. 

Mette Dyhrberg — Founder and CEO of MyMee, Mette holds MSc in Economics and is a certified health coach. An economist turned diagnostician, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of anamnestic data. She first entered the functional medicine arena in an attempt to tackle her own chronic health issues and has developed a digital approach to managing autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Crohn’s, that will transform the way autoimmunity is treated. Mymee’s clinically validated technology combines a mobile app, data analytics and certified health coaches to identify triggers for disease symptoms. Their customers are health plans, large, self-insured employers and individuals. 

Adriano Garcez — Director, Outcomes Research a, Adriano is driven by his passion for improving patient outcomes, while demonstrating cost savings to patients, providers and payers. With an engineering, health economics, public health and business administration background he has the ability to influence strategy and grow science-based evidence of value. With more than 15 years of experience driving new models that incorporate the use of Digital Health, Therapeutics and Medicines into health systems around the world, he has demonstrated significant reductions in costs without compromising quality or access for patients. As an international consultant and advisory board member for global organizations, his work has helped transform the healthcare sector in markets such as EU, USA and LATAM.  

Dev Nathan Kalyan — Managing Principle, VANDANAM LLC, a former Navy Medical Officer and strategic health systems thought leader specializing in enterprise transformation, business process redesign, and improved system governance with a focus on advanced data management and analytics, effective matrixed decision-making, and executive leadership development. He creates and oversees high-performing teams tailoring complex solutions and services and delivering trusted advice to executive clients across the Federal enterprise. 

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