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Welcome to #RetailReloaded by HTEC Group

Extreme pressure can shatter great businesses. Or it can drive great innovation. How are today’s retailers responding to the pandemic-driven forces of business restrictions, loss of in-store sales, rapidly shifting markets, and hyper-charged competition? Get our latest insights from work at the front line. We call this new program #RetailReloaded and our focus is on strategies that you can implement now to benefit in these key business areas: Save, Accelerate, and Share. Working with the world’s most established retailers on one side and some of the most innovative retail tech startups on the other, HTEC is in a privileged position. We spend much of our time with cutting-edge innovation and digitalization practices, helping companies keep in touch with the current customer and predict, even design, the needs of the future one. Our goal is to help retail businesses pivot specific solutions to efficiently swap outdated practices with new opportunities. We are sharing in-depth experiences from the trenches to help you reload your retail business.