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world’s leading technology companies
disruptive startups and unicorns
organizations of various causes and sizes
universities and research institutions


develop cutting-edge technology
productize innovation
transform and digitalize them
deliver solutions that empower our customers

Culture integrity

By carefully choosing the projects to engage in, we ensure high employee satisfaction and domain knowledge preservation for the long run. To keep our brains inspired, we only work with the most forward-thinking companies led by people with integrity.

Focus and balance

Our teams quickly pick up your business processes, helping you manage and keep the balance of R&D vs Q’n’D (quick and dirty) work so that your product can reach desired KPIs ASAP.

Fast G2M

We employ design thinking and agile product development to help you get to market fast and achieve product market fit. Our teams have been through these practices many times before and are able to guide your development process with clear vision and goals.


Our QualityFirst™ approach comprises a series of systems and methodologies, covering every aspect of our customer relationship. We design and develop highly scalable products that are often used by hundreds of millions of users globally. Let us deliver your products with the same error-proof execution, top expertise and think-big mindset.

The Art of Possible

The only thing matching our tech proficiency is our creative skill set. The products we design naturally align with existing human motivations, not disrupting but enhancing experience and potential through state-of-the-art technology.

F2F presence

In addition to the project kick-off and strategy meetings, we favor frequent f2f time with your team throughout the entire project duration. Our team becomes a vital innovation and engineering extension of your growing business.

Customer protection

SLA is an important part of our setup. We guarantee availability at crucial times, but we tend to be present and engaged at all times. As our customer, you are covered with full incident management and support, especially during major integrations, deployments and launches.

Massive scale

Massive scale is what every business dreams about and fears at the same time. With HTEC as your technology advisor and development partner, you can rest assured that the technology side of your business can scale as fast as needed.

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