Lackluster customer engagement?
Retail AI personalization can help.

Why AI personalization
in retail

Trouble keeping your customers’ attention?

Nowadays, customers expect tailored promotional offers and personalized retail engagement that meets their specific and unique needs. Failure to personalize can cause customer churn and impact your bottom line. The statistics support this —71% of consumers expect retail companies to deliver personalized interactions. If the interaction is not satisfactory, 76% will switch to a competitor.

Like most retailers, you may be collecting data from online and offline sources but struggle to structure and organize the data in a meaningful way. After all, it’s difficult to activate large amounts of data and create relevant, personalized campaigns, messages, recommendations.

Here’s where AI and HTEC can help. HTEC can help you leverage AI-powered personalization solutions to collect and process data from your customers and transform that data into actionable insights to boost engagement and sales.

How HTEC elevates AI personalization in retail:

Enhanced omnichannel customer service

Instant customer

Data-driven product and service recommendation

Customer incentives based on shopping trends

56% of retail and consumer packaged goods executives plan to invest in artificial intelligence tools for marketing.

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Ready for the power of predictive AI analytics? We’ll implement solutions that collect and use your customer data (demographics, transaction history, and website behavior) to identify trends and patterns, predict customer needs, and reduce churn.

To gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ opinions and emotions, HTEC can show you how to analyze client feedback through AI algorithms.

Want to leverage AI to create a holistic view of customers? We can help you access these insights using purchase history, browsing behaviors, and social media activity. Then, you can use this data to offer your customers personalized recommendations for products and services, create targeted offers, and deliver customized content.

To build a foundation of superior, 24/7 customer service, we’ll help you launch conversational AI technology that learns from your customer interactions, delivers frictionless support, and handles several different customer queries in real time.

At HTEC, our teams have deep expertise in building AI- and data-driven solutions. Like personalization in retail, we work with you to develop and implement customized tools that will increase customer engagement and meet your unique business goals.

What does this look like in action? We helped boost conversion rates for a large SEE Marketplace by combining Algolia, a best-in-class AI search engine, with Strapi, an open-source CMS.

Algolia’s real-time insights and analytics paired with Strapi’s dashboard helped the client quickly identify popular products and create custom promotion pages. This helped boost conversion rates from below 0.2% to more than 2.5%.