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Foster transformation and enhance productivity through industrial automation, smart robotics solutions, and streamlined asset performance.

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What we do

Building industrial companies of the future through the power of intelligent automation

Ignite change and shift gears for growth to enter the industrial renaissance. Backed by our industry expertise, we can help you advance your automation journey by infusing smart robotic systems and intelligence into operational systems and make your manufacturing processes more predictive, resilient and efficient.

Enhancing asset management with a multi-tenant IoT platform  

Building IoT-powered, automated, centralized systems for enabling and maintaining real-time asset intelligence to streamline processes, power the industrial workforce, maximize productivity, and cut labor costs. 

  • Real-time asset-tracking and reporting
  • Multi-tenant system for easier scalability
  • Real-time data processing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of industrial installations globally through the cloud
  • Data visualization

Industrial IoT

Enabling industrial organizations to optimize their processes and enhance operational efficiency by collecting a wealth of actionable data through asset tracking and monitoring, intelligent automation, predictive maintenance, and connected products.

  • IoT-enabled platforms and services
  • Smart products
  • Industrial product development and manufacturing
  • Asset and process maintenance
  • Industrial automation
  • Data collection and data analysis

Functional testing  

Providing a complete set of tools and processes to support reliable manufacturing, deployment, utilization, and end of life of robots in manufacturing and storage environments. Building a framework for functional testing of core electronic components for each robot.

  • Building a framework for functional testing of electronics
  • Tools and processes for reliable manufacturing and deployment


Bringing expertise and deep know-how of robotics, embedded PCB technology, sensor systems, and automation to build PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) that adhere to industry standards and meet the various needs of automated devices.

  • Sensor signal processing
  • Custom PCB from prototype to certified all-in-one product

Soft-grab robotic solutions

Fueling innovation through an advanced, affordable, and flexible Soft-Hand Robotic Hand, which is designed using highly complex methods, cutting edge materials and electronics to foster intelligent automation and delegate menial factory work to smart machines. 

  • Custom gripper
  • Sensor development and electronics
  • Consultancy

Data mining and custom data collection from “dumb” machines

From data visualization and conducting what-if analysis to rapidly prototyping solutions to validate ideas, we help you unlock and leverage powerful insights from large data sets to enhance decision-making and predict outcomes.

  • Creating re-usable data lakes
  • Visualization, tracking, prediction, and what-if analysis
  • Rapid prototype solutions for idea validation
  • Algorithms for measurements and post processing

Digital twins 

Using digital-twin-powered computer simulations to develop a digital counterpart of a collaborative human-robot work environment for assembly and virtualize hardware motion from raw material to the final product.

  • Enhanced modeling and simulation
  • Predictive analytics

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