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Interview with Milan Milenkovic HTEC Group
Industry Insights
Nov 21, 2022

“IoT is transformational technology — it provides the interface to the real world”

Milan has an impressive background and extensive experience in leading numerous projects involving IoT system architecture and implementation. From IBM to Intel Labs, he has been part o...
Nov 18, 2022

Nathan Elsberry on The Fine Art of the “Then What?” Conversation

HTEC’s newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer Nathan Elsberry has leveraged a wide range of professional interests and responsibilities into an illustrious career in the tech indus...
Industry Insights
Oct 27, 2022

Top Trends That Are Changing the Financial Services Game

Trends such as Fraud Detection, Anti-Money Laundering, and KYC (Know Your Customer) emerge as the 3 most up-to-date trends affecting every Western European bank and their processes. Ban...
Nemanja Kovacev HTEC Group
HTEC Culture
Oct 24, 2022

From Surgery to Programming and Beyond

Nemanja Kovacev, MedTech domain expert at HTEC Group, with illustrious career and passion to contribute to the synergy of medicine and tech, is tasked with leading various initiatives w...
Industry Insights
Oct 19, 2022

Digital Twins in IoT: Past, Present, and Future

Use of digital twins is becoming increasingly prominent in the design and operation of cyber-physical systems. This blog briefly describes the concept and use of digital twins in Intern...
MedTech Webinar: From Concept to Product: Is There a Fast Lane in MedTech?
Industry Insights
Oct 18, 2022

Webinar — From Concept to Product: Is There a Fast Lane in MedTech?

We are excited to invite you to the upcoming webinar – From concept to product: Is there a fast lane in MedTech?  Register HERE.  Who?  Host: Sava Marinkovich, Head...
Bluetooth LE HTEC Group
Tech Blog
Oct 12, 2022

How to Set Communication Flow in an Android App Using Bluetooth LE  

Mobile devices have a lot of various sensors, but often, for additional functionality, they need to communicate with some other devices.  When it comes to Android OS, for instance,...
FI htec
HTEC Culture
Oct 3, 2022

A Proud Reflection on HTEC’s First Project Management Conference

Project management is a crucial area of software engineering. Its role and significance only increase with the growing scope and complexity of the work.   It is also a very dy...
HTEC Group Agile Teams in Telco
Industry Insights
Sep 29, 2022

To Be or Not to Be: Why Agile Is a Game-Changer for Telco

Businesses across industries are embracing agility. And there’s a good reason for this trend. Rapid changes in competition, ever-growing technological advances and various regulat...

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