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HTEC Group Dusan Kolenovic
HTEC Culture
Jan 19, 2022

HTEC Features: Dusan Kolenovic, Product Manager, on His Incredible Nine-Year HTEC Journey 

A lifelong enthusiast and devotee to exploring new ideas and bringing them to life, Dusan Kolenovic, Product Manager at HTEC Group, has gained invaluable experience over the last nine y...
HTEC Features: Igor Licanin
HTEC Culture
Jan 13, 2022

HTEC Features: Igor Ličanin, Engineering Lead at HTEC Group, on His Experience in Automotive and Our Strategy to Power the Game-Changers of Tomorrow

Automotive industry is gaining momentum and having profound impact on industries globally. Being aware of these tectonic changes, we caught up with Igor Ličanin, Engineering Lead at HT...
HTEC Group Growth
All Posts
Jan 10, 2022

Growth — What Does It Mean to Our People?

If you have been following us for the past year, then you must have heard the word G r o w t h.   Indeed, from less than 300 employees at the beginning of 2020 to 1000+ employees by t...
HTEC Group - HTEC Days Connected
HTEC Culture
Dec 30, 2021

HTEC Days 2021 – Connected 

For the second year in a row, we have marked the end of an exciting and successful year with an internal online conference – HTEC Days. Our team, which recently surpassed 1000 m...
HTEC Group: Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review
Industry Insights
Dec 28, 2021

Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review

As the end of the year is approaching, we are looking back on our past achievements and looking forward to our new victories in the upcoming year. And 2021 has been a busy year. It ushe...
PM/SM Handbook: A Guide for Project Managers and Scrum Masters in HTEC Group 
Industry Insights
Dec 23, 2021

PM/SM Handbook: A Guide for Project Managers and Scrum Masters at HTEC Group 

It is often expected from project managers to be multidisciplinary, communication magicians, coping with challenges in all fields. And what happens when something creaks even with the...
HTEC Group: Future Leaders Summi
HTEC Culture
Dec 21, 2021

Future Leaders Summit in Tuzla: A Glimpse into the Exciting World of HTEC Group   

We’re excited to share that HTEC Group was the platinum sponsor of this year’s Futures Leaders Summit in Tuzla where young engineering talents could hear our Darko Todorovic &#...
HTEC Group: Marko Pavlovic Dragan Vukelic - Project Mamagement Certification
Industry Insights
Dec 9, 2021

HTEC Project Management Level Up: From Knowledge to Excellence  

Knowledge has always been and will continue to be one of the key differentiators when it comes to driving organizational performance. With new ways of working, advanced technologie...
UKG/Great Place to Work Acquisition
HTEC Culture
Dec 8, 2021

New Era of Employee Experience: UKG Acquires Great Place to Work®   

We are thrilled to hear that one of our long-term partners, Great Place to Work, has been acquired by UKG, a leading global provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions. The...

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