HTEC Days 2024: A global technology trends event

HTEC Days 2024

HTEC Days is a global tech event where HTEC experts join forces with our clients and partners to share the latest industry insights, technology trends, market predictions, and more!

Focused on sharing knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience, HTEC Days is a rapid-fire series of presentations for everyone keen to stay on top of cutting-edge technology innovation.

Watch our replay sessions below while we prepare for 2025!

Session Replays

Live case study: Building Hive, the World Health Organization’s pandemic preparedness platform

Join Živan Miljkov from the HTEC Engineering & Delivery team, Marc Scrivener, UK Managing Director of Momentum Design Lab, and Brian Yau and Ljubica Latinović, a Technical Officer on the WHO Hive team based in Geneva, Switzerland, as they walk through the conceptualization, development, and launch of Hive.

Post-Covid, the World Health Organization (WHO) embarked on an ambitious mission to develop the first global health emergency preparedness platform to plan for, mitigate, and address worldwide health risks represented by epidemics and pandemics. The result was Hive, a digital community engagement platform and information repository facilitating action and knowledge sharing across 87 countries and counting. HTEC and Momentum Design Lab were proud to work with the WHO to bring this vision to life, and we are excited to share this story with you.

How technology is accelerating change in the Automotive industry

Join Ivan Popović from the HTEC Engineering & Delivery team and special guest Robert Megennis of Megennis Motorsports, a professional race car driver with the Turner Motorsport team, featured in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge in the Grand Sport class.

The automotive industry, the future of mobility, and the art of racing are increasingly being fueled by technology and data. The pace of technology evolution is accelerating the pace of change experienced by auto makers and their market participants. From the daily driver to the race car driver, our lives are being driven by the technologies around us. Ivan and Robert will take us on an exploration into how technology is shaping the industry and specifically illustrate how it impacts driver performance on the track, mid-race, at hyper speed.

2024-25 Trends & Predictions in Technology and Business

Join Dan Horton, HTEC’s Vice President of Engineering & Delivery – North America, as he moderates a panel discussion joined by HTEC board members and advisors Ron Guerrier, former multi-time Fortune 500 CIO and global board member; Paul Chapman, Vice President of Business Strategy at Cisco; and Usman Rabbani, global board member and Partner at Brighton Park Capital.

Emerging technologies, a global pandemic, and geopolitical conflict, the last few years have been marked worldwide by several of the most impactful and unforeseen changes in the last several decades. How business leaders respond is widely varied and inconsistent, partly due to the difficulty in predicting what comes next. This ambiguity leads to uncertainty in the workplace, which leads to unrest within the workforce, and can lead to devastating consequences impact economic growth and corporate prosperity. This panel of experts seeks to provide some clarity where little currently exists. We hope you’ll join us for an open dialogue about how executives can approach the next 12-24 months with greater confidence, adaptability, and courage.

AI and the evolution from Robotic Automation to Cognitive Automation

Join Igor Ševo, Head of Technology – Artificial Intelligence at HTEC; Sava Marinkovich, Head of HealthTech/MedTech at HTEC; and David Thomson, CEO of Momentum Design Lab, as they discuss how AI is evolving the role of automation in our lives, from automating system performance to automating cognitive processes.

As AI systems evolve, they present new possibilities to augment human cognition by addressing the user’s cognitive needs precisely when and where they emerge. Additionally, as AI technologies are embedded into enterprise platforms that humans use to perform a wide range of knowledge worker tasks, the role of automation within these systems takes on new meaning when cognitive workloads are included in the scope of automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was all the rage over the past few years. But Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) is the next evolution. Join us as we explore how this change will impact the workforce, jobs to be done, and the technologies that enable humans to be more productive in their roles.

Featured Speakers

Brian Yau

Technical Officer, World Health Organization

Brian is an Infodemic Manager and creative design thinker with a background in product design engineering, utilizing digital platforms and technologies to gain insights and information on vaccine safety concerns. He is currently on the Hive Platform in the Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention, WHO Emergencies Programme.

Ljubica Latinović

Technical Officer, World Health Organization

A medical surgeon with extensive experience in international health, health promotion, social marketing, risk communication, and social mobilization. Ljubica is an expert in developing and facilitating training in risk communication and health communication at the global level as well as in the development of projects related to different public health topics with a focus on health promotion and communication.

Živan Miljkov

Engineering & Delivery Lead, HTEC

Živan is an Engineering & Delivery Lead at HTEC. With more than fifteen years of professional experience as a business analyst, quality assurance engineer, product owner, and engineering lead, Živan’s rich expertise spans various industries and domains, including health tech, maritime, and telecommunications.

Mark Scrivener

Managing Director, Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC company

As the Managing Director of Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC company, Mark is committed to designing, streamlining, and improving business plans and strategies, developing trusted partnerships, as well as building teams around what the client needs and growing it from design thinking.

Ivan Popović

Director of Engineering & Delivery, HTEC

Ivan Popović, Director of Engineering and Delivery at HTEC, with a focus on automotive and collaboration with OEMs, has extensive experience with Embedded systems in various industry domains, primarily consumer, IoT, and Automotive.

Robert Megennis

Professional Race Car Driver, Megennis Motorsports / Turner Motorsport

Robert Megennis is a race car driver who has been active since 2015. He currently races with Turner Motorsport in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge, Grand Sport class.

Dan Horton

Vice President of Engineering & Delivery – North America, HTEC

As the Vice President of Engineering and Delivery at HTEC, Daniel is responsible for strengthening partnerships, shaping clients’ ideas into value-driven products and services, and guiding them through their digital journey toward a smarter tomorrow. With a diverse professional background encompassing pivotal roles as a technologist, retail consultant, and business owner, Daniel has skillfully devised solutions for various enterprises. His leadership has guided transformative teams that have redefined traditional business practices through a technological lens.

Ron Guerrier

Former Fortune 500 CIO with Toyota, HP, Express Scripts, Farmers Insurance, former Secretary of Innovation & Technology – State of Illinois, global board member

Over the past 20 years, Ron Guerrier has served as Chief Information Officer for multiple Fortune 500 firms, as well as the State of Illinois. No matter the post, he’s been driven by a desire to promote equality in the tech field and beyond.

Paul Chapman

Vice President of Business Strategy, Cisco

Paul is an accomplished technology executive with a rich background spanning over three decades. His career has been marked by leadership in business strategy, transformation, and innovation within the global corporate landscape. In his current role as Vice President of Business Strategy at Cisco, he bears the responsibility of shaping and executing the company’s vision and strategic direction in the ever-evolving realms of Security and Collaboration.

Usman Rabbani

Partner, Brighton Park Capital

Usman Rabbani is a Partner and serves as a Member of the Investment Committee at Brighton Park Capital. He evaluates new investments in enterprise software, IT services, and healthcare IT, and leads value creation work across portfolio companies. Usman also serves as an Advisor at Mentors Fund. Prior to joining Brighton Park Capital, he was a Managing Director and Global Head of Innovation and Technology at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

Igor Ševo

Head of Technology – AI, HTEC

Igor Ševo is a computer scientist, writer, and theorist with a Ph.D. in machine learning. His published scientific work is relevant to transfer learning, convolutional neural networks, and specialized algorithms and architectures. Currently, he is Head of Artificial Intelligence at HTEC, but as an independent educator and a former Mensa member, he has authored interdisciplinary work across a range of diverse fields, including philosophy, mathematics, literature, and arts.

Sava Marinkovich

Head of HealthTech/MedTech, HTEC

Sava Marinkovich leads the Healthtech and MedTech practices at HTEC. He is a veteran HealthTech executive with extensive product, strategy, and investment experience. Early career foundation at GE Healthcare, Sava has built and launched multiple consumer and medical devices from concept to manufacturing and market.

David Thomson

CEO, Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC company

Since 2002 with Momentum Design Lab, David has served as the executive strategy and experience design leadership for over 650 software as a service platform, big data, blockchain, ad tech, healthcare, IoT, financial services, HCM, analytics, and mobile projects.