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Your professional growth finds fertile ground at HTEC. Engage with high-impact projects, shape future businesses, and make a global difference.

Career Development

Nurturing our team members to grow in their career development is top of mind. We offer an encompassing support system that ensures continuous growth using the HTEC Competency Framework.

The Competency Framework spans all three crucial areas of work competencies – technical, leadership, and core. It is supplemented by unique competency models for each role within the company across different seniority levels. These competency models represent the basis for the employee evaluation and development process.

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Employee evaluation

HTEC prioritizes employee growth and development by conducting two annual evaluation cycles for all roles and levels to facilitate growth and improve performance.

The evaluation outcome results in a tailor-made Personal Development Plan (PDP) created collaboratively between the employee and their Direct Manager. The plan includes concrete steps to develop relevant competencies further.


Employee self evaluation …


By DM, Mentor, Peers


Explore ideas and possible solutions


Employee self evaluation …


Self evaluation




Feedback session


Personal development plan (PDP)

What we offer

We’re committed to fostering an environment where our team flourishes personally and professionally.

Joining HTEC means becoming part of a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation. You’re entering a dynamic team driving transformative solutions – from advocating for sustainability to harnessing technology to impacting society positively.


  • Flexible working hours and on-site / remote arrangements
  • Adaptability to accommodate individual needs

Guiding your growth

  • Ongoing opportunities for professional growth
  • Training programs and workshops
  • Support for career progression

Tech benefits

  • Tech Excellence Office – a whole department of the most senior experts for various technologies available for consultation and mentorship
  • Dedicated tech communities
  • Innovative and cutting-edge projects across numerous industries

Perks to thrive

  • Social events and gatherings
  • Regular team building activities
  • Office amenities for leisure and relaxation

Prioritizing well-being

  • A focus on holistic health
  • Various physical and mental health initiatives
  • Safe and supportive work environment

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