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Protok Podcast: Recapped and Rebooted

“Protok” podcast owes its existence to a group of enthusiasts from Niš. It was back in 2018 that a small but mighty crew of technology aficionados gathered around the same idea: discuss technology, its consequences, and its tremendous impact on our daily lives—positive and negative alike. And they were determined to do so by taking a critical, holistic approach—engineering, business, sociology, economy, and psychology being just some of the standpoints they have meticulously occupied over the years.

Just like all the topics are thoroughly analyzed from more than a single standpoint, so does the podcast name, “Protok”, allow for a two-fold interpretation, stemming from wordplay in Serbian. Protok translates as “the flow” – of ideas, information, and knowledge, but based on its pronunciation, it can also be understood as “pro-talk”, featuring experts from various spheres of technology, science, and beyond. 

After taking a short break, Protok is back! In the first episode of the new series, Protok founders – Miloš NajdanovićDušan Petrović, and Mina Stefanović – look back on the show’s early days, prestigious awards and a bit unexpectedly soaring popularity that ensued, the experts they hosted, the specialized tech stream entitled Tech Talks, and much more. But perhaps the most important thing this retrospective revealed is the universality and the surviving relevance of the topics discussed in previous seasons.  

From technology-focused topics like blockchain, Angular vs. React, and the latest trends in MedTech, through discussing the effects of modern technologies, like social networks, on the younger population and society as a whole, to dealing with socially-engaging subjects like the position of women in IT — the Protok crew has gone above and beyond to educate, inform, and entertain the audience, always leaving them hungry for more. Luckily for us, many more amazing topics are yet to come! 

Meet the crew (if you already haven’t), take a look at the recap episode, and in the weeks ahead, get ready for some extraordinary content brought to you by subject experts talking about hot trends in the tech industry and beyond. Enjoy the flow!