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Transform insights into action. Our teams work with you to craft customer-centric strategies powered by AI, leading to more incisive decision-making and automation. We’re your trusted partner for future-proofing your business.


of data officers are interested in building and maintaining advanced analytics capabilities (MIT)

What we can do

Inspire and drive creativity

Our expert team fosters a dynamic environment that encourages imagination, collaboration, and bold thinking.


Shaping vision with business design, service design, and digital product design while always keeping in mind accessibility and inclusivity.


Visual storytelling mastery with visual design and brand strategy capabilities, content strategy, and storytelling.

Drive adoption and growth

A potent mix of data insights and product delivery experience, our expertise helps design and launch market-ready products, as well as sophisticate existing ones for maximum impact.

Market and customer insights

Our proficiency in market and customer research, user testing, and data analytics ensures solutions ready to hit the ground running.

Product evolution

Our customer data capabilities inform strategic decisions, and our technical capacities enable efficient scaling and evolution of digital solutions.

Embrace automation and AI technologies

Cutting-edge technologies enable us to see more and do more. Unlock an unprecedented degree of insight and efficiency with artificial intelligence and process automation.

The power of AI

Through AI and ML, we can help you improve efficiency, accelerate the speed of business, create new capabilities and expand and evolve your business model.

Digital process automation

AI-powered process automation introduces a new level of cost-efficiency, productivity, and reliability while also fueling creativity and innovation.

Enable a customer-centric model

Customer focus starts from within. Integrate and streamline your processes for a comprehensive customer-centric approach to turn exposure into loyalty.

Process integration

Eliminate informational silos and connect your organization across all functions through comprehensive technological platforms and solutions backed by real-time data processing.

Actionable insights

Gain a profound understanding of your customer’s needs and pain points through reliable data and translate it into tailor-made experiences powered by AI.

Assess solution feasibility

Effective innovation is equal parts novelty and velocity. Accelerate innovation by quickly developing workable solutions and testing their viability.

Rapid innovation

Our teams are highly skilled and experienced in early development feasibility testing, including proof of concept (POC), minimum viable product (MVP), and rapid prototyping.

User testing

We integrate user testing into the earliest stages of development, gaining valuable feedback that informs our choices and shapes the course of development.

Unlock data-driven insights

Your business generates a wealth of information, both from within and from its customer base. Translate data into insights for impactful information-driven strategy.

Understand data

With teams proficient in data management and data analytics, we aggregate and process a broad range of information that helps optimize processes and improve the service offering.

Actionize data

We set you up for success through data strategy development and consultancy, and help you turn information into action through techniques such as data visualization and predictive modelling.

Words from our partners

Working closely with HTEC product managers and developers with real world knowledge in the design and development of an exciting digital platform was invaluable. Their skill helped me to make sense of a complex landscape and to make the right decisions and achieve a successful outcome at board level.

– Mike Nakrani

E-Mobility Managing Director at Vitol

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