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STYNGR: Enriching the in-game user experience with the power of music 



Project: Integrate premium music with gaming platforms to create an immersive user experience (UX) 

Gaming is about creating a fun experience for players by immersing them in a world of imagination. However, providing gamers with the best tracks from major record labels can be expensive, legally complex, and time-consuming. STYNGR, an innovative California-based start-up, recognized these obstacles and created a cross-platform and cross-engine music solution that brings licensed music to the entire gaming ecosystem.  

STYNGR partners with big music companies such as Warner, Sony, and Universal. They provide users with pre-approved music, eliminating the need for complex licensing procedures. STYNGR partnered with HTEC to augment their existing services and technical infrastructure, extend their portfolio, and expand their user base and offerings. 

Challenge: Improve UX, scalability, and service integration 

STYNGR is known for being innovative. They were the first to provide players with curated in-game music experiences. This includes radio and short audio clips called “styngs” that go along with in-game events like celebration emotes.

As a platform based on integrations with various music labels and gaming providers, STYNGR needs to consistently provide scalable, secure, compliant, and reliable solutions. In addition, to keep up with the fast-paced media and entertainment industry and increasingly discerning gaming aficionados, their services need to revolve around outstanding experiences. To meet such strict criteria on an ongoing basis, they needed an end-to-end technology partner that could adapt and scale as their needs evolved.  

Solution: Modernize the technology platform to unlock new functionality 

STYNGR: Enriching the in-game user experience with the power of music 

HTEC and STYNGR focused on improvements in three strategic areas: (1) Platform integration, (2) Blockchain introduction, and (3) Infrastructure improvements. 

By enabling direct API integrations, HTEC has not only improved the user experience but also facilitated both existing and future integrations to more easily come online. 

“We know how vital scalability is for STYNGR – which is why solving integration challenges was a top priority. The client’s reputation is centered on innovation and providing users with exceptional services and experience, and HTEC’s deep tech expertise is intended to support this. STYNGR is already seeing the results, which is truly rewarding for us. We are looking forward to solving future challenges together!”

– Gavrilo Drljača

Senior Engineering and Delivery Manager at HTEC 

To further enhance the experience with styngs, HTEC introduced another new product line – turning a unique class of these short audio snippets and putting them on the blockchain. Using their expertise in building end-to-end solutions, HTEC engineers developed a brand new blockchain-based solution from discovery to delivery. In addition to improving the overall experience, the new functionality allowed users to upload, buy, and sell styngs as NFTs. 

When it comes to mission-critical platform requirements for STYNGR, those that come to the forefront are zero latency, high quality, security, and scalability. To address these requirements, the HTEC team leveraged a best-in-class cloud infrastructure solution, including a fully integrated enterprise Content Delivery Network (CDN).  This cloud solution allows STYNGR to securely distribute high-quality content with very low latency. This instant reproduction is paramount for a seamless in-game music experience.  

HTEC adds strategic value beyond that of a traditional technology vendor. Their product and engineering teams collaborated closely with us to understand our challenges and future vision and ultimately worked as an extension of our company to create a solution that will support STYNGR’s growth. HTEC brings thoughtfulness and a future-forward mindset to their work, and we are excited to continue our partnership.”

– Alex Tarrand

Co-Founder & COO at STYNGR 

Success: A scalable and reliable solution for future growth 

By tackling a range of technical and UX challenges, HTEC and STYNGR improved the platform’s performance across various parameters. From achieving integrations with new platforms (the most notable being Second Life) to launching new functionalities and improving availability on an AWS infrastructure—the collaboration empowers STYNGR to demonstrate and action STYNGR’s vision for continuous innovation and improvement. The future will bring many exciting new opportunities for some of the biggest players in the gaming, media, and entertainment industries.  

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