HTEC is an engineering company dedicated to perfection in technology R&D, a fact reflected in our present and future engineers. We are always on the lookout for people who share our passion, regardless of experience. We engage technology on all its fronts – software, hardware, IoT, embedded systems, providing tech consulting services to our clients, but also developing our own, in-house projects.

Our perfect candidates are always looking to challenge themselves and their colleagues, because being an HTEC engineer means constantly reinventing yourself until the challenge is met.

HTEC is engaged in multiple future-minded technologies. Accordingly, we are interested in engineers who strive to immerse themselves in one of the following areas:

  • Software engineering
  • Data science, machine learning, and AI
  • Embedded systems and hardware engineering
  • UX&UI design

If you think you have what it takes to tackle the challenges that bring progress to the world around us, feel free to contact our HR department, and we’ll set up an interview.


Open positions



  1. Playground for growth

    HTEC puts emphasis on personal and professional growth. We believe a company is as good as the people that represent it, so HTEC promotes sharing of knowledge as a value of the highest priority. We engage our employees with various educational projects, but also encourage them to learn from each other. Each individual is free to pursue their own goals, and HTEC as a company is nurturing that initiative.

  2. Opportunity to influence your company in all aspects

    HTEC’s communication network and hierarchy is set up in such a way that everyone’s opinion can be heard, regardless of position and experience. We appreciate every feedback we get and strive to make constant improvements in our methodologies, processes, and decisions.

  3. Flexible working hours

    We don’t check when you’re in the office. We count on you that the job is going to be done professionally, but your methods are your own. Always keep in mind that you are a part of a team, and that you always depend on each other.

  4. Friendly atmosphere

    We invite our teams and the people within them to freely express their own personalities, values, beliefs, and opinions. Team leaders are tasked with nurturing a supportive and friendly atmosphere. HTEC also upholds a range of off-work events, through a selection of sport-related activities and casual get-togethers.




Perks of being one of us


Competentive Salary

Competentive Salary

You will be compensated for your work fairly and regularly.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

HTEC will provide you with a number of knowledge sources, should you wish to further develop your professional skills.



Your hard work will always be rewarded with bonuses and salary raises. This is possible all year round.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

You decide when and where your work is done - we tend not to check.


Application FAQ ?


How do I apply?

To apply for any position, simply send us an email to The email should consist of your up-to-date CV and cover letter. Put the position you are applying for as the email subject name.

Additionally, feel free to include your experiences from past projects; challenges you have faced; milestones you’ve reached; things you’ve learned on your own or wish to learn; your ambitions and interests. Really – any tidbits from your past, present or future career you might deem interesting or important.

What should I include in the cover letter?

Cover letter is by no means a necessity, but try look at it as an opportunity to make a first impression with us. The cover letter should explain how the skills from your CV could translate into a successful cooperation with HTEC. Try to convince us how you are the right person for the job. Don’t be afraid to be specific, but try to be concise – a paragraph or three will do it.

I’ve sent you an email, but there’s no response. What is happening?

Our recruiting team is very careful with the selection process – sometimes, it will take up to two weeks for them to respond to you. The whole procedure (including the interviews) usually takes about a month. You will get a response from HR, regardless of the outcome. To get more familiar with the selection process, please check the diagram on the bottom of the this page.

Can we set-up a remote interview, through Skype?

It is possible. Check with your interviewer, and we’ll try to meet your request.

If I’m accepted for the job, will it be expected to start immediately?

The start date will be agreed upon between you and our HR.

Is it possible to work remotely?

It’s all up to your agreement with the team you’ll be working with. While HTEC offers flexibility in working hours, as well as the occasional possibility to work remotely, our work environment often requires your presence. If your geographic position is an issue, keep in mind we have three development centers – in Belgrade, Nis, and Novi Sad.

How does a typical project life-cycle in HTEC look like?

You can check our project implementation methodology by following this link.

I have an idea about a project I’d like to get off the ground and work on. Can you help me with this?

Sure. After we’ve built mutual trust, feel free to pitch your idea to our management. If they see potential in your project, we’ll set you up.


What to expect in selection process?


  1. Application

    When you submit your application, you will get an email that we received it.

  2. Evaluation

    We will need up to two weeks to evaluate it and let you know whether you are invited for the next phase or not.

  3. Interview

    If you are invited for an interview, the first one that you will have is with a recruiter. The next phase is technical assessment with a technical interviewer and the last one is an interview with a team lead.

  4. Job offer

    In the end of the process you will get an email or a call with a decision whether you are getting an offer or not.

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