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Did you know 82% of our senior managers built their careers at HTEC? Forge your path, innovate, and thrive with us!

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What we offer

Nurturing growth for success

We are committed to our team and strive to provide opportunities for them to thrive personally and professionally by offering perks and benefits essential to their growth.


  • Flexible working hours and on-site / remote arrangements
  • Adaptability to accommodate individual needs

Guiding your growth

  • Ongoing opportunities for professional growth
  • Training programs and workshops
  • Support for career progression

Tech benefits

  • Tech Excellence Office – a whole department of the most senior experts for various technologies available for consultation and mentorship
  • Dedicated tech communities
  • Innovative and cutting-edge projects across numerous industries

Perks to thrive

  • Social events and gatherings
  • Regular team building activities
  • Office amenities for leisure and relaxation

Prioritizing well-being

  • A focus on holistic health
  • Various physical and mental health initiatives
  • Safe and supportive work environment

Learn about culture at HTEC

Once you apply


HR interview

The candidate meets one of our Talent Acquisition professionals. The aim of this meeting is to find out more about the candidate’s previous experience, affinities, and expectations, as well as answer all their questions. This is also an opportunity for the candidate to find out more about the company, our projects, benefits, and the way of working. 


Experience matrix

The candidate fills in an experience matrix – a self-evaluation form mapping their previous knowledge, experience, certifications, etc. This step should give as an overview of the candidate’s knowledge and familiarity with various technology-related concepts and topics.


Tech interview

In this step, the candidate meets technical interviewers, who present them with a tailor-made tech challenge based on their previous knowledge, experience matrix, and the technical requirements for the given job position.


Final meeting

If the candidate is an adequate match and our mutual expectations are aligned, the Talent Acquisition team schedules the final meeting, during which more specific terms of potential cooperation are presented and discussed.

Learning & development 

Tailor your path to success with a personalized plan for continuous career growth.

For team members:

  • Career path
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership academy 

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HTEC offers multiple and diverse career paths, with both vertical and horizontal advancement opportunities. Based on your affinities and competencies, you can develop along technology tracks or grow your career toward management/leadership roles, all with an extensive learning and support system to guide you along the way.

Team sizes and structures vary based on the project as well as the domains and industries involved. Our multidisciplinary, cross-cultural teams are distributed over various locations where HTEC has development centers, and they cooperate and collaborate closely. At HTEC, we foster agility and maintain a high degree of autonomy on all levels, enabling both teams and individual team members to make fast decisions with an end-to-end impact and adjust quickly to ever-changing circumstances.

HTEC gives you the freedom to plan your workday according to your daily routine as long as you coordinate your meetings and tasks with your team and project. We nurture maximum flexibility in terms of working hours, so feel free to organize your work in a way that provides you with the greatest comfort, focus, and productivity.

Our team members can enjoy flexible working arrangements. Whether you prefer coming to the office, a fully remote setup, or the combination of the two, the choice is all yours.

After carefully evaluating a candidate’s knowledge and experience during our Tech interview, taking into consideration factors such as our mutual expectations shared on the HR interview, we will provide the candidate with a financial offer that is within the budget allocated for the position they are being considered for.