Our history

Providing gifted individuals the opportunities to grow and make a lasting positive impact in the world

We attract top industry talent and connect it with forward-thinking organizations to form impactful partnerships that accelerate positive change.

Our purpose

Empower brilliant minds to engineer a better future.

Our vision

We envision a future where we drive technology trends that improve lives and shape the businesses of tomorrow.

Our mission

Our entrepreneurial team works with the boldest companies on the planet. We don’t just solve their challenges; we define their opportunities. To do that, we push the boundaries of technology and turn implausible into the everyday.

Our values

Act With Empathy
and Support

Check in with colleagues to make sure they’re doing OK. We respect everyone’s backgrounds, differences, and opinions – and care about them as people.

Keep Learning
Keep Growing

Push your limits. Find new ways to maximize opportunities. Then share what you learn, and learn from others – so we all stay on the cutting edge.

Build Trust With

Say what you mean and do what you say. Be open and honest, and always do what you promise – so that we can all rely on each other when we need to.

Own Your

Go beyond what’s asked of you and support the team in any way you can. If you spot a way to create better results – do it.

Lead With

We nourish authenticity and courage to think differently, and we always do the right thing, even if no one is looking. For us, being a good person, trumps everything else.

Sometimes what we choose not to do defines us as much as what we do. We are persistently saying NO to engagements that may have a negative effect on the world around us. We want our people to be proud when they tell their children, parents, friends, about the work they do and the positive impact it makes.

— Dušan Kosić

Co-Founder and President

Our history

HTEC’s founding mission is to establish a technology engineering and digital product development company that delivers unparalleled service to its customers while creating an exceptional workplace and fostering growth for its employees.

Since its early days, HTEC has positioned itself as a strategic technology partner to its clients, working on the most challenging parts of the technology, the core IP, and the revenue-generating products for global enterprises and innovative startups. Our strategy combines the best engineering talent in Europe with the best product consulting in global centers to conceptualize, architect, and deliver complete digital solutions across industries and domains.

What sets HTEC apart from other tech companies is the constant commitment to building trustworthy relationships and pursuing superior quality in everything we do.

HTEC Milestone



HTEC Group acquires Mistral Technologies and Way 7, thus becoming the largest tech company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Overall, the company exceeds 2000 team members across 20 cities in 8 countries.


HTEC Group acquires the renowned Momentum Design Lab agency, further enhancing its product consulting expertise and fortifying its presence in the US and the UK.
The company also expands its engineering capabilities across multiple locations in Romania and Hungary and establishes a presence in Ljubljana (Slovenia). HTEC’s growth trajectory is acknowledged with a $140 million investment from Brighton Park Capital.


HTEC establishes a presence in Minneapolis (US). The company expands its services to product consulting through the acquisition of the Konstrukt company.


HTEC Group acquires Execom, one of the largest tech companies in Serbia. The team grows to include more than 500 members.


HTEC establishes a presence in London (UK) and opens a development center in Banja Luka (BiH) – the first development center outside of Serbia.


HTEC establishes a presence in Sweden.


The company headquarters move from Belgrade to San Francisco. The company reaches 200 team members and establishes its product design practice.


HTEC Novi Sad office is established. The company reaches 100 team members across 3 cities in Serbia.


HTEC office in Niš is established. The company expands its services to include software development, mobile applications, and platform engineering.


The company establishes and further strengthens a substantial expertise in areas such as embedded engineering, signal processing, computed vision, and IoT.


The company started from a modest top-floor office of the Business Incubator of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Belgrade.