Quality First™

We invest in continuous improvement. We call this Quality First™. It represents a series of systems, products, and methodologies that cover every aspect of our client relationship, as well as the standards to which we hold ourselves.

Our expectations of quality not only apply to regulatory and compliance requirements in the way we design a project, but to how we build our client teams and our recruitment processes more widely, as well. When it comes to regulations and certification, we have secured CE and FCC certification, FDA and CFDA compliance, HIPAA compliance, data protection regulations, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001.

Quality First™ is about open collaboration with our clients. An example of this is 9Mentors™. This proprietary platform ensures up to the minute communications and a unique approach to task resolution. It embodies a vast experience of working with the client to power a seamless and transparent relationship with our clients.


Quality First™ is also about sharing and knowledge transfer. We ensure that code is fully documented and that project assets are continuously available. For us, knowledge transfer is a great deal more than a memo. It encompasses how we create, capture and distribute knowledge to ensure its availability for future users.

HTEC has a number of additional project platforms, designed to improve the performance of daily tasks, create accountability and assist in their communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

Where team continuity is important, we have a number of approaches available from on-site presence through to acqui-hire.

HTEC solutions are always created with sustainability and customizability in mind. This goes hand in hand with the support and maintenance options that we make available, as required, in the final phases of development.

Intellectual property is fully transportable and can be transferred to the client, as required.

Quality First™ seeks excellence in all the actions we take on behalf of our client. It is at the heart of our desire to outperform client expectations.