Sophisticated process optimization for operational excellence

Streamline, innovate, and adapt with our support. You can rely on our expertise to guide you towards more efficient workflows and impactful innovation strategies. Let’s work together to optimize your processes through next-gen data and AI.

Digital transformation is a key focus point for operational leaders in 2023. (Forbes)

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Supercharge your efficiency

Our cutting-edge methodologies and innovative technologies are designed to optimize processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and drive productivity to new heights.

Data-driven business alignment

Unlocking insights for strategic impact with in-depth research, discovery and strategy workshops, customer segmentation, and experience mapping.

Strategic approach

Pioneer the future with our idea labs, including research, proof of concepts, pilot projects, consulting, innovation workshops, ideation sessions, and education and training sessions.

Drive continuous process innovation

Efficiency is a continual process. It requires consistent evaluation and fine-tuning, which we take to heart throughout the project engineering journey, keeping what works and adjusting what doesn’t.

Competitive analysis

Maintaining a competitive advantage through methodical market research and user behavior assessments, fueling innovative concepts.

Post-production support

Product support for uninterrupted, smooth product functioning, encompassing maintenance services, performance optimization, bug fixing, and more.

Automate processes and workflows

Heighten the user experience by foregoing complex workflows in favor of more efficient ones. We’ll work with you to align processes, improve interactions, and cut out superfluous steps in the user journey.

Strategy building

The first steps toward a more fluid way of doing things: researching, consulting, mapping, workshopping, and training. 

Maximized efficiency

Expediting workflows through elimination of common choke points such as legacy architecture, outdated processes, and third-party software oversaturation. 

Align logistics with partners

Strengthen business relationships and ease collaboration by incorporating more efficient methods in your workflows and processes.

Process alignment

Retooling workflows to function in a way that works best for you and your stakeholders.


Evolving the tools at your disposal to create a more fluid and interactive approach, replacing outmoded means of communication and collaboration.

Ensure seamless integration 

Centralize your operations by integrating all vital functions into a cohesive and powerful system. Our tailored approach means we dig deep to unearth what works for you, all in the interest of meaningful user experiences.

Extensive research

Finding and evaluating right-fit technologies through extensive assessments of vendors, ensuring adoption and integration are viable.


Cutting through the noise of third-party applications by consolidating where needed, ousting the unnecessary, and creating a central dashboard for a more efficient system.

Utilize next-gen data & AI 

Supercharge your products through ground-breaking machine learning solutions. Get in on the ground floor of the AI revolution with our data science specialists.

Sophisticated enhancements

Altering the way a problem is looked at and unlocking a new course toward its resolution, utilizing AI to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs.

Data amplification

Making data work for you, augmenting its collection through AI, and enabling a more exhaustive dataset for next-level reporting, budgeting, and financial planning. 

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What makes HTEC Group stand out are the people. The team is really motivated and committed to making Leaf successful. We are looking for developers with an open mindset, passionate about learning and adjusting to the rapidly changing needs of a fast-paced startup, and with its people, HTEC has proven to be a reliable partner to achieve big goals.

– Stefan Friederichs

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering at Leaf

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Success stories

  • Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Product quality is a key component of automotive production, no matter the stage. Through several projects with our client, we aimed to kick-start efficiency by creating a comprehensive, intuitive system for work orchestration and communication with service partners, as well as a system for tracking feedback and product quality.

  • Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Parsable Connected Worker empowers frontline workers with modern digital tools to help improve safety, quality, productivity and sustainability. Their vision is to leverage technology to connect people to the information, systems and machines, and therefore enable operational excellence. They partnered with HTEC Group to develop and deliver the Connected Worker Platform to transform static, paper-based…

  • Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    proSapient offers a feature packed and modern platform to support primary search — from expert consultations and transcripts to powerful surveys. We joined up with proSapient to help them build Darwin — a new expert self-sorting semantic search engine designed specifically to connect industry professionals to relevant projects using cutting-edge AI search and Machine Learning.

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