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We create deeply connected services and products that enable powerful relationships between businesses and people.

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Our Mission

We blend cutting-edge technology with award-winning creativity to build the Enterprises of tomorrow.

At HTEC, we answer your complex business challenges by combining the power of innovation with sophisticated engineering. We envision, architect and deliver services and products that solve real-life problems. We collaborate seamlessly with our clients to answer their business challenges through advanced solutions that enable them to become leaders in their industries.

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Client Stories

Devices of the Future Powered by Artificial Intelligence

HTEC engineers worked closely with Qualcomm’s machine learning group to deliver powerful and ultra-efficient AI-enabled software to sit on next-generation chipsets worldwide.


Next Generation Supply Chains

HTEC enabled Stena Bulk to reinvent their business using big data and visualization. Our solution-optimized shipping routes realized millions of dollars in efficiency savings and provided their customers with a high-quality, innovative solution.

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Stena Ship Supply Chains
Our Clients

Shaping the Future Together

The Core

Quality First™

Our proprietary Quality First™ approach underpins everything we do. This is not just a mantra but comprises a series of systems and methodologies, covering every aspect of our client relationship.

Quality First™ not only provides our competitive advantage but ensures that we are never satisfied with just meeting our client’s expectations, we expect to surpass them!

What We Stand For
Productizing Innovation

Innovation is the backbone of entrepreneurship and the main driver of economic growth for any organization.

Recent research by McKinsey revealed that 94% of surveyed executives were dissatisfied with their company's ability to innovate. HTEC is an innovation enabler. We help our clients define and then execute their digital transformation journey in an agile and collaborative manner. We deliver change that succeeds. We make our clients the digital leaders of their industry.

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