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  • Faster G2M

    Fast track to the market and product-market fit can be a slippery slope. Our teams have sprinted the path many times before and can guide your development process with clear vision and goals.

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    We have delivered numerous products with strict quality, security and compliance requirements and have obtained relevant certifications to ensure our products fulfil the highest security standards.

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    Massive scale is a massive undertaking. With HTEC as your technology advisor and development partner, you can rest assured that the technology side of your business can scale as fast as needed.

  • Excellence-driven

    Our quality standards extend to everything we do, from system design to delivery, from onboarding our people to ensuring their growth, through innovative and effective practices across the board.

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case study: HTEC Group and Leaf Logistics
Transportation and Logistics


HTEC Group partnered with Leaf to build a technology layer that analyzes demand streams of shippers, identifies optimal network coordination opportunities for both shippers and carriers, and helps execute and settle contracts entered through the platform. Ultimately, this intelligent solution should help Leaf plan and coordinate B2B transportation.

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Stena Ship Supply Chains
Transportation and Logistics

Stena Bulk

The Stena Orbit platform brings digitalization to the tanker shipping industry, offering Stena’s personnel and customers a way to increase productivity, allowing them to make better and faster decisions based on a vast, organized set of data.

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Medical Devices and Software

Marani Health

Marani (ex. Odonata) Health partnered with HTEC to develop a wearable AI-based solution that helps clinicians accurately monitor key vital parameters of a fetus and mother during pregnancy, labor and delivery to ensure remote access to medical care for every future mother in need.

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Collaboration and Productivity

Great Place to Work

For over 30 years, Great Place to Work has been a leader in the field of company culture, helping organizations build high-trust workplace environments and drive success through employee motivation. In an effort to create an outstanding platform experience for their clients, based on big data and AI technology, GPTW partnered with HTEC.

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