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HTEC Group and Oslo University Hospital Join Forces for Future-Proof Healthcare

HTEC Group and Oslo University Hospital Join Forces for Future-Proof Healthcare

The partnership implements innovative machine learning technology into the world-renowned institution’s practices

HTEC Group, an end-to-end digital product development powerhouse, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Oslo University Hospital (OUH), the largest healthcare institution in Scandinavia, celebrated for its dedication to providing exceptional patient care. This unprecedented collaboration sets the stage for a partnership of top-tier healthcare expertise and cutting-edge technology that will dramatically improve patient care and health outcomes. The two organizations will work together to incorporate cutting-edge machine learning and deep-tech solutions into established healthcare practices.

Estimating blood flow is crucial in clinical settings. However, diagnostic tools are still costly and involve radiation, which limits monitoring frequency and, ultimately, diagnosis. Using smartphones or handheld cameras easy and regular blood flow monitoring could revolutionize disease recovery. Achieving this requires advanced AI and signal processing expertise to ensure simplicity and reliability.

Our primary use cases are patients undergoing breast reconstruction surgery to facilitate their recovery and empower them. The goal is to be able to extend to any blood-flow-related problems, including cardiovascular events and other surgical procedures.

We feel that the close cooperation of academia domain experts and our motivated engineers creates a team that can tackle this specific yet generally applicable problem. Integration between the teams is facilitated by Alma Secerbegovic, a signal processing assistant professor at the University of Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a valued HTEC employee with previous fruitful collaboration with the OUH.” Dejan Pokrajac, director of Business Development, HTEC Group

The team at OUH is exploring utilization of video recording for advanced plastic surgery reconstruction for breasts or other reconstructive operations using “free flap” surgery in situations where there is a lack of tissue to allow for full functionality. For example, in breast cancer surgery, a large part of the woman’s breast tissue is removed, and tissues from another part of the body are used to construct a new, normal-appearing breast. This requires a complex operation where the supply of blood flow to the new breast is essential. The team in Oslo consists of engineers led by Professor Balasingham and a plastic surgery team with expert plastic surgeon Dr. Haris Mesic and cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Jacob Bergsland. The team works closely with the HTEC team led by Professor Alma Secerbegovic who has been working in Oslo and now continues the development in the Tuzla office of HTEC.

“In order to build unique sophisticated medical applications by fusing commercially available hardware and wearables with cutting-edge data analytics, OUS views the partnership with HTEC to be crucial. Regardless of their country of origin or geographical location, patients in both developed and developing nations will benefit from these applications by receiving accessible, high-quality, and affordable healthcare. A well-rounded OUS-HTEC team with training in both technology and medicine has been assembled to create and evaluate the applications in accordance with EU and Norwegian ethical standards.” – Ilangko Balasingham, PhD, Head of Section for Medical ICT Research

With OUH being not only Scandinavia’s largest hospital but also Norway’s leading medical and healthcare research facility and HTEC Group possessing extensive experience and demonstrated expertise in MedTech, the two organizations have found a natural fit and space for impactful innovation. The partnership is rooted in complementary motivations–OUH’s desire to enhance patient care with innovative technologies on one side and HTEC’s expressed aim to engineer a better future and harness technology for positive impact.

About HTEC Group:

HTEC Group is a global digital product development and engineering services firm powering the technological evolution of the world’s most impactful organizations through end-to-end services. Founded in 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia, the company is now headquartered in San Francisco, with more than 2,000 experts spread across the traditional engineering hotspots of Central and Southeast Europe and consulting, innovation, and product design offices in Silicon Valley, New York, and London. With the highest level of expertise and extensive experience in a multitude of business domains – including Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and Smart Mobility, Logistics, FinTech, Green Energy, Media, and Deep Technology – HTEC is both an ideal technology partner for its clients and the ultimate growth platform for its employees. 

About OUH:

Oslo University Hospital carries out advanced patient treatment, research and trial treatments, gives advice and provides education on international levels. The hospital is Scandinavia’s largest, and each year carries out more than 1.2 million patient treatments. Oslo University Hospital is responsible for approximately 50 percent of all medical and healthcare research conducted at Norwegian hospitals and is a significant role player within the education of a large variety of healthcare personnel. It serves as an emergency hospital for East and Southern Norway and has national emergency assignments. The hospital is furthermore responsible for ambulance services, the 113 emergency calls service (equivalent to 911), air ambulance, and patient transportation in Oslo and the County of Akershus.