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Unlock more intuitive insights to elevate the customer experience. Our data-driven approach and award-winning track record make possible tailor-made experiences that attract, engage, and keep customers. Rely on us to power more intuitive decision-making.


of the C-suite is focused on customer experience and looks to utilize analytics tools (Forbes)

What we can do

Design superb customer experiences

The success of your product hinges on the quality of its interactions with customers. Align your brand with the needs of your customers through powerful, data-driven, and human-centric solutions.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction

Ensure customer retention and adoption through effective, tailor-made services rooted in quality market and customer research.

Personalized customer experiences

Our vast expertise in data management, data analytics, technology enablement, and process alignment powers highly personalized and satisfactory customer experiences.

Productize innovation

Technology is evolving rapidly, opening avenues and opportunities for effective innovation, which often acts as a competition differentiator. Tap into the power of the cutting edge.

Product innovation

Fast-track innovative features and new products through our tried and tested practices of rapid prototyping, accelerated journeys from POC to MVP, and reliable user testing.

Product commercialization

Maximize innovation by relying on our experience in launch execution, monitoring and fine-tuning customer engagement, and scaling and evolving products.

Advocate for customer needs

The path towards a more customer-centric experience starts with a deeper understanding of the user journeys and the customers’ needs, backed by reliable data that informs and shapes the path forward.

Identify customer pain points

Understand the needs of your customers through a potent combination of data insights and customer research for improved service offering.

Evolve business practices

Leverage our expertise in CX strategy, process optimization, and alignment across functions for a smooth and seamless experience at all touchpoints.

Drive intelligent decision-making

In the burgeoning age of AI and machine learning, data has become a strategic asset. Make the most of our expertise in integrating data into business processes and business decisions.

Customer data insights

Improve and optimize services through the power of big data analytics, predictive modelling, and visualization solutions.

Data-driven business alignment

Build data into your business strategy to achieve improved processes and products, as well as a greater competitive edge.

Streamline successful product delivery

Our vast experience in collaborating with a global clientele has yielded a tried and tested, yet highly flexible and adaptable product development methodology. You can be confident in our ability to deliver at every step of the product’s journey to market.

Agile methodology

Our approach is rooted in the finest agile practices based on iterative development, ensuring the highest degree of transparency and efficient continuous delivery.

Effective scaling

Our delivery teams are highly flexible, evolving and scaling efficiently to maximize collaboration and answer the client’s and product’s needs at all stages of development.

Words from our partners

HTEC wants to understand the context and the purpose of the product to be able to have a clear view of the entire business. This holistic approach to our project is one of the key points I would highlight, along with the personal relationship we developed between two of our teams and HTEC’s ability to handle pressure and tight deadlines and support us every step of the way.

– Luca Simon

Product Owner at proSapient

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