Empowering your organization to create a seamless and engaging customer experience through human-centered design approach.

CX, product, business & services design

Craft customer-centric solutions and drive business success by leveraging our experience, strategy, and design services. 

Engineering & enablement

Drive efficiency and performance through cloud migration, agile transformation, integration strategy, DevOps and automation, cybersecurity, and software development. 

Enterprise modernization & digital platforms

Optimize processes, drive innovation, and fuel growth with our advanced solutions powered by industry-leading technologies.

Hardware & embedded software

Maximize your product potential with our end-to-end solutions, driven by automation, validation, compliance, and support for seamless development. 

Data solutions & AI

Accelerate your data-driven decisions with our end-to-end big data analytics, machine learning, management, governance, security, and visualization solutions. 

Emerging technologies

Innovate ahead of the market by optimizing your operations, enhancing customer experience, and saving costs through the latest technologies, such as AI and blockchain.


Customer insights and analytics

Leverage AI and Advanced Analytics to uncover valuable customer insights, empowering strategic decision-making.

Customer experience (CX) strategy

Develop a holistic, omnichannel, customer-centric approach aligned with your business goals and market dynamics to design rich digital experiences.  

Business design

Drive growth and resilience by developing innovative revenue streams and business models that cater to unique customer needs. 

Service design

Optimize end-to-end service experiences by mapping customer interactions, enhancing physical and digital touchpoints, aligning internal processes, platforms, and resources for seamless service.

Product design

Create innovative and user-centric product concepts and prototypes through market research, design thinking methodologies, and competitive analysis.

User experience design

Create intuitive and engaging user interfaces across digital and physical touchpoints and optimize user interactions through usability testing, iterative design, and inclusive design principles. 

What to expect



Research, preparation and analysis



Strategize with workshops and co-creation sessions



Explore ideas and possible solutions



Distill ideas and vision with collaborative prototyping



Bi-weekly sprint reviews and ongoing feedback


Success stories

  • Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Product quality is a key component of automotive production, no matter the stage. Through several projects with our client, we aimed to kick-start efficiency by creating a comprehensive, intuitive system for work orchestration and communication with service partners, as well as a system for tracking feedback and product quality.

  • Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Parsable Connected Worker empowers frontline workers with modern digital tools to help improve safety, quality, productivity and sustainability. Their vision is to leverage technology to connect people to the information, systems and machines, and therefore enable operational excellence. They partnered with HTEC Group to develop and deliver the Connected Worker Platform to transform static, paper-based…

  • Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    proSapient offers a feature packed and modern platform to support primary search — from expert consultations and transcripts to powerful surveys. We joined up with proSapient to help them build Darwin — a new expert self-sorting semantic search engine designed specifically to connect industry professionals to relevant projects using cutting-edge AI search and Machine Learning.

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