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Data and AI Readiness Assessment: GenAI is here to stay — Is your data ready? 

HTEC Data and AI Readiness Model

It has never been a more exciting time to be in tech!  

The generative AI wave keeps unlocking new opportunities, but the way we see it, the most significant impact is on transforming user expectations.

To build solutions that enable a superior customer experience, you need to balance understanding AI’s potential impact on your business, defining the right use case, and making sense of the technology.  

Several questions emerge:  

  • How can you assess your data?  
  • How can you know that your data is in the state that can drive the desired outcome?  
  • How can you know your data is trustworthy? 

This white paper will guide you through suggested next steps depending on where you are on your digital journey. You will learn about: 

  • Value Generation Journey — As you go through the process of transforming your data for AI readiness, it’s important to understand that the value of your data is determined by its ability to impact your business positively. 
  • Data Maturity Model — To help you determine where you are on your value generation journey, we used a Data Maturity Model, offering three stages to consider when defining your current state and future steps: Getting started, Scaling with data, Leading with data
  • Data and AI Readiness Model — Using our extensive experience in building AI solutions, we developed the Data and AI Readiness Assessment. This assessment helps our clients by addressing common issues and providing solutions at three different levels: Foundational, Operational, and Transformational.

Download this paper to learn about the HTEC Data and AI Readiness Model and accelerate your digital journey! 

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HTEC Data and AI Readiness Assessment