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Elevate the human experience and win in the MarTech revolution by driving performance and optimizing campaigns through data-driven insights, cross-platform integration, and scalable solutions.

Discover how to re-engineer your marketing organization through intelligent workflows

What we do

Reimaging what marketing can do in the digital age

Accelerate into the digital era with new intelligent marketing technology capabilities. From understanding customer intent and creating exceptional experiences to bringing data-driven overarching campaigns across media through automation and rapid performance optimization, we empower you to unleash your marketplace superpower.  

Advertising technology 

Enabling advertising companies to segment audiences, streamline the process of buying and selling ads, manage integrated campaigns effectively, and maximize their ROI through the power of AdTech tools.

  • Programmatic media buying
  • Cross-channel ad management
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Building and maintaining ad tech platforms
  • Real-time bidding and ad trafficking

Marketing automation 

Accelerating campaigns across media and marketing platforms for exceptional consumer experiences and global scale through automation powered by technology and data.  

  • Campaign creation and deployment
  • Marketing automation platform development
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Life cycle marketing
  • Predictive lead scoring and lead nurturing

Data analytics 

Using a data-driven approach to help you understand customer intent with the aim of optimizing performance across channels, delivering personalized experiences, and connecting consumers to the brand at every touchpoint.

  • Data visualization
  • Predictive modeling
  • Large-scale data processing
  • Analytics platform development
  • Customer lifetime value modelling
  • Machine learning models

Personalization and customer experience 

From developing personalized omni-channel messaging to building powerful customer data platforms, we work with you to tailor experiences to each individual seamlessly and easily navigate the complexity of customer needs.

  • Customer data platform development
  • Journey orchestration engines
  • Omni-channel messaging
  • Web personalization
  • Predictive and individualized offers

Performance optimization 

Experimenting, optimizing multi-channel campaigns and driving performance based on a deep and real-time understanding of customer needs.

  • Campaign analysis
  • Funnel optimization
  • ROI tracking
  • Analytics platforms
  • Forecasting models

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Success stories

  • Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Product quality is a key component of automotive production, no matter the stage. Through several projects with our client, we aimed to kick-start efficiency by creating a comprehensive, intuitive system for work orchestration and communication with service partners, as well as a system for tracking feedback and product quality.

  • Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Parsable Connected Worker empowers frontline workers with modern digital tools to help improve safety, quality, productivity and sustainability. Their vision is to leverage technology to connect people to the information, systems and machines, and therefore enable operational excellence. They partnered with HTEC Group to develop and deliver the Connected Worker Platform to transform static, paper-based…

  • Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    proSapient offers a feature packed and modern platform to support primary search — from expert consultations and transcripts to powerful surveys. We joined up with proSapient to help them build Darwin — a new expert self-sorting semantic search engine designed specifically to connect industry professionals to relevant projects using cutting-edge AI search and Machine Learning.


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