Nemanja Kovačev

MedTech Expert


A physician and software engineer with 15 years of combined medical and software development experience

A MedTech expert, AI in healthcare specialist, and the lead author and a co-author of national and international medical, engineering, and popular science papers. Nemanja has participated in a number of national and international medical and IT conferences as a lecturer and as a session chair.

Currently working as a MedTech Expert at HTEC Group, as well as an Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon and Digital Health Advisor. 



Healthcare & Life Sciences


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Recent Publications

  • Why Decentralisation Is the Future of Clinical Trials

    Why Decentralisation Is the Future of Clinical Trials

    What Is a Decentralized Clinical Trial? A decentralized clinical trial means that almost all the steps are performed without in-person contact between the team that is carrying the trial and the subject of the trial. Decentralized clinical trials are differentiated from traditional clinical trials by using various technologies that enable remote or virtual communication. This kind…

  • From Surgery to Programming and Beyond

    From Surgery to Programming and Beyond

    Nemanja Kovacev, MedTech domain expert at HTEC Group, with illustrious career and passion to contribute to the synergy of medicine and tech, is tasked with leading various initiatives with the rest of the HTEC’s HealthTech excellence team to enable innovation across different fields of medicine. We caught up with him to learn more about his…

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