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HTEC Group is a global end-to-end engineering and digital product development company. From disruptive startups to Fortune 500 companies, we meet our customers at any digital journey stage to transform ideas or concepts into tangible products and services that deliver real-world value.

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The founding mission of HTEC has remained the same to date – build the world’s best technology engineering and digital product development company, the one that provides the best possible service to its customers while being the best workplace and growth environment for its people.

— Aleksandar Čabrilo

Co-founder and CEO


Latest news and announcements

  • Zywave partners with HTEC to streamline insurtech platform 


    HTEC and Zywave extend their partnership to revolutionize the digital insurance market with premium engineering and data-powered technology.

  • HTEC and G2 Risk Solutions Join Forces to Advance Bankruptcy Management


    HTEC, a global digital consulting, software engineering, and product development company, is announcing a strategic collaboration with G2 Risk Solutions (G2RS), the preeminent provider of end-to-end bankruptcy technology solutions.

  • HTEC Group and Parsable Extend Their Collaboration for Continued Operational Excellence


    HTEC Group, a global end-to-end digital product development and engineering services company, is proud to announce extended collaboration with Parsable, a forward-thinking US-based company providing industrial teams with powerful digital tools fueling a safer, more productive, and more sustainable workplace.

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