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Reimagine real estate asset management, drive operational efficiency, and make effective strategic decisions through our real estate capabilities.

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What we do

Driving the future of real estate through tech strategy

Generate value through operations, deliver outstanding experiences, and unlock opportunities for superior real estate outcomes. From transforming the way you interact with legal and financial property documents to facilitating differentiation through digital advanced analytics, we work alongside you to fuel growth.

Asset management

From modernization of legacy asset management systems to tracking and monitoring the financial value of each asset, we help you ease arduous tasks and focus on your core business.

  • Asset summary reports
  • Cashflow modeling and valuation
  • Asset management software modernization
  • Automation of real estate underwriting for improved decision-making

Data governance

Delivering best practices in data gathering, data management, enhanced market analysis, data visualization, data integration, risk assessment, data processing, and analysis to enable efficient investment decision-making and streamlined property evaluation.

  • Data collection and management
  • Data analysis of market trends, property performance, and investment opportunities

ERP systems for housing associations

Helping real estate professionals enhance operational efficiency through centralized data storage and management, task automation, financial reports, asset management, and real-time access to vast volumes of data.

  • Full integration of customer and financial data
  • Real estate housing market predictions (value calculations and cash flow)
  • Workflow and case management systems

Document management and collaboration platforms

Empowering companies to reimagine estate planning document creation, securely store, manage, and share property-related and legal documents, and streamline collaboration for team members and clients through document management systems tailored to real estate transactions.

  • Highly customizable workflow engine for operational excellence
  • Document management with OCR and electronic document signing

Property valuation and analytics

Transforming real estate organizations through digital and advanced analytics. We help companies enhance their decision-making by developing analytics tools for property valuation, investment analysis, and financial modeling.

  • Risk determination
  • Analysis tools for property valuation
  • Investment analysis
  • Price assessment
  • Analytical calculations of infrastructure costs
  • Unified systems for predictive maintenance
  • Automation of rental property calculations


From managing property cash flow to compliant financial reporting and forecasting through streamlined and automated processing, we help real estate organizations ensure timely and accurate transactions and shorter financial close.

  • Transaction processing and accounting
  • Property accounting
  • Financial modeling
  • Real estate finance modules
  • Financial reports
  • Debt management
  • Mortgage and loan management systems

Digital transformation and experience platforms

Developing digital capabilities through our state-of-the-art tools, from streamlining wealth and estate planning experience for advisors to reimagining user journeys.

  • Applications for real estate renting and selling
  • Multi-channel rental distribution
  • User engagement and experience design
  • Wealth and estate planning intelligence platforms
  • Home renovation financing and marketplace
  • Renovation management

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Success stories

  • Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Automotive Aftermarket Solutions: Maintaining High Standards in Road Safety

    Product quality is a key component of automotive production, no matter the stage. Through several projects with our client, we aimed to kick-start efficiency by creating a comprehensive, intuitive system for work orchestration and communication with service partners, as well as a system for tracking feedback and product quality.

  • Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

    Parsable Connected Worker empowers frontline workers with modern digital tools to help improve safety, quality, productivity and sustainability. Their vision is to leverage technology to connect people to the information, systems and machines, and therefore enable operational excellence. They partnered with HTEC Group to develop and deliver the Connected Worker Platform to transform static, paper-based…

  • Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    Achieving Intelligent Expert Search with AI

    proSapient offers a feature packed and modern platform to support primary search — from expert consultations and transcripts to powerful surveys. We joined up with proSapient to help them build Darwin — a new expert self-sorting semantic search engine designed specifically to connect industry professionals to relevant projects using cutting-edge AI search and Machine Learning.


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