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We hear that people like working with us. They say that there’s something special about our culture and the way we communicate within our own teams and externally with customers and partners. HTEC nurtures the culture of fairness and transparency in business and career paths. Our culture encourages people to take lead and organize themselves in a unique, proprietary form of self-governance.

In less than a decade, HTEC has grown from a tight knit group of a dozen, to an organization that counts hundreds of engineers, business analysts, consultants and cross-domain experts in five countries on two continents. During these years, we have dealt with a number of culture transformation challenges which have made us acutely aware of the importance of the company’s DNA that lives within each one of us.

How do we manage to run a tight ship with an inspired, engaged and high-performing crew at scale?

We understood that, for any social construct to be successful, a solid structure and processes must exist to support it. With this idea, we set out to design our Culture Innovation Platform that will empower our people to think differently. We built a democratized and decentralized decision making process, with the goal to give everyone the space and freedom to contribute ideas, and more importantly, the support to implement the best ideas successfully. Building the capacity for creativity and responsible delivery is crucial in creating a truly creative culture. We are still exploring this path and experimenting with our culture innovation, which is a long term, continuous self-improvement process.

Our Culture Innovation Platform was built with the aim to engage every part of the organization in a conversation which drives the company forward. Oddly enough, by the time we discovered that our client, Great Place to Work, was preaching an “Innovation by All” principle, HTEC was already experimenting with it in real life and getting traction within our teams.

Read our interview with Great Place to Work’s CEO, Michael C. Bush about the “Innovation by All” and building resilient cultures

Through People Committees, our employees are given the power to make executive decisions in the areas that concern them: company values, career development paths and opportunities, personal growth and education, self-governance and evaluation, healthcare, HR and hiring.

In data we trust

Every year, our teams are encouraged to evaluate the work of People Committees and the company as a whole, and take an active role in shaping the future of HTEC through Great Place to Work surveys. The results of surveys are public. They help us navigate initiatives and measure their success over time.


Employees say this is a great place to work

When I joined the company, I felt welcome.
I can be myself around here.
I'm proud to tell others I work here.
I can count on people to cooperate.
Management is competent at running the business

In people we trust, too!

HTEC is an equal opportunity employer. However, truth be told, we try to give slightly more encouragement to women since we see less of them in this line of business these days and we wish to improve the equality and the equilibrium of our workplace. New moms at HTEC get more paid time off and a supportive reintegration when they come back to work after maternity leave. Babies are our first priority!

We believe that a strong community, work ethics and a happy family mentality create the basis for a better future of our company and society as a whole. Our mission is to create a platform which will support all our employees in reaching their full potential. Our people are encouraged to never stop exploring, never stop growing, and never stop playing, because innovation lies in our ability to keep our minds and hearts open, aware, and curious!

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