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HTEC Cares – Painting the Children’s Center in Banja Luka

As part of our efforts to give back to local communities, we focus on nurturing and promoting the principles of equality, inclusivity, and respect. One of the most important aims of these efforts is to support vulnerable groups, with a special focus on those among them who need it the most – underprivileged children.

In one of such initiatives, we reached out to the “Nova Generacija” Association, which provides a Daycare center for children working or living on the streets. As this center is a place where underprivileged children spend a lot of their time, we decided to help decorate the yard to make it more cheerful. We hope it will help the kids create some new, more beautiful memories.

The participants were greeted by the president of “the association, who emphasized how important the community’s contribution is to the children visiting the center. Often neglected in their home environment, they lack positive reinforcement, making them cherish every activity aimed to support them even more.

This time, the kids knew nothing about the initiative, so the newly decorated yard came as a surprise, and they loved it. The team also had an amazing time, creating new memories not only for the kids but also for themselves and showing some admirable artistic skills along the way. 😊

We also had a special little guest, as our colleague Ernest brought his daughter. Here are their impressions:

I decided to join this great initiative for several reasons. The first was to help my local community, especially since the initiative addressed the most vulnerable category – children. It was also a great opportunity to pass certain values to my daughter while enjoying some quality time with her, which is always a challenge in the modern world. I am so glad my daughter had a chance to learn about the importance of helping others and to feel first-hand how nice and fulfilling it can be.

– Ernest Hadžić

System Administrator at HTEC Group

His little girl did not hide the excitement, either:

“I had an excellent time painting the walls with my dad, and I think everyone will love my drawings. I like to draw, and it was so nice I could do it with real paint on real walls! I hope the kids who come there will enjoy it, too. One day, when I grow up, I want to work with my dad – everyone said I could. I can’t wait!”

We are also glad to have been a part of this wonderful event. Once again, a huge thanks to everyone!