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Financial managers face many challenges — optimizing finances, mitigating risks, driving growth – your responsibilities are immense. With our expertise, we can partner to boost efficiencies, optimize operations, streamline processes, enhance security, and tap into the power of data. Free up your time to focus on leading finance into the future. 


of financial leaders plan to increase technology spending in 2023. (Gartner)

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Boost operational efficiency

Leverage our advanced methodologies, automation, and process optimization techniques to help you streamline workflows, reduce bottlenecks, and maximize productivity. 

Consult and support

Maximize your hardware potential by consulting with our experts in electrical engineering and life cycle management and support.

Software development and optimization

Ensure excellence in software delivery with front-end and back-end software development, scalability and performance optimization, QA, and automation.

Streamline processes through automation

Eliminate efficiency gaps and facilitate more in-depth coverage. We can help you uncover how to optimize performance for a more secure, data-rich, user-friendly experience. 

Advanced applications

Intuitive, accessible, and fully functional financial solutions built with humans in mind. 

Connected devices

Meet ever-changing customer needs through simplified interconnection within and among devices.

Enhance security and risk mitigation

Cover all bases for the utmost safety of customer data, confidential business information, and transactions. Thorough risk assessments, security testing, and quality assurance bolster all our solutions. 

Fraud prevention

Implement fraud prevention measures, particularly in online transactions, eCommerce, and banking, to safeguard your business, prevent financial losses, and maintain trust with your stakeholders. 

Next-gen security measures

For enhanced protection, apply state-of-the-art methods such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and other biometric authentication methods. 

Leverage next-gen data & AI

Rethink your approach to finance analytics with the help of machine learning capabilities. Our financial experts can guide you through getting the most out of seemingly disparate sources of information. 

Smart analytics

Increase efficiency and competitive advantage using our advanced data analysis techniques, enabling you to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and drive improved performance. 


Strategically use data implementation tailored to user needs to remove irrelevant information and enhance user experience. 

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HTEC is our center of excellence for mobile development. The Connected Worker Platform is powered by mobile data collected by frontline workers, so HTEC really is the life blood of our product and the value of our platform. We’re entrusting this critical facet of our platform and infrastructure to the HTEC team and know they’re up to the task.

– Brandon Mahne

VP of Engineering at Parsable

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