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Create moments that inspire through the synergy of immersive technologies, intelligent automation, holistic and human-centered media, and entertainment experiences.

Discover how we can help you thrive in an ever-evolving media and entertainment world

What we do

Shaping your future of intelligent media and entertainment

Lead with confidence in the ever-evolving media landscape by enabling digital evolution in content and experiences. Streamline content production, elevate creativity and audience engagement, and enhance the customer journey through media supply chain aggregation, the power of AI and data, and immersive omni-channel experiences.

Media supply chain & distribution

From optimizing media distribution and end-to-end workflows to automating solutions, we help you manage and streamline your media supply chain from start to finish.

  • End-to-end workflow optimization
  • Supply chain automation solutions
  • Real-time content tracking and management
  • Media asset & metadata management
  • Media distribution optimization
  • Licensing and royalty tracking
  • Content delivery network (CDN) implementation

Data & AI

Harnessing the power of analytics, automation, data, and AI to gain deep consumer insights, redefine the ways customers engage with the content, enable fact-based decision-making, and outmaneuver uncertainty.

  • Analytics and insights
  • Audience engagement analytics
  • Content performance tracking
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Data governance, orchestration, and security
  • Content greenlighting
  • Data-driven CX
  • Predictive content trends analysis
  • AI-enhanced post-production processes

Immersive experiences

Bringing diversified content models to prime time and building exceptional omni-channel experiences through immersive technologies.

  • xR (VR/AR/MR)
  • Digital Twin Technology
  • Next-gen social platforms
  • Multi-platform streaming solutions and OTT
  • Omni-channel ad distribution

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Success stories

  • Building State-of-the-Art Private Key Safety

    Building State-of-the-Art Private Key Safety

    Cryptnox is focused on developing smart cards with advanced functionalities to enable the best user-friendly experience along with solving the problems of private key management, authentication, and transactions traceability. HTEC Group helped them develop a unique user-friendly iOS companion application, together with a full-fledge CLI for total control over the cards, that allows users to…

  • A Multi-purpose Wealth Management System

    A Multi-purpose Wealth Management System

    HTEC is developing a robust FinTech solution for a Swiss financial company. Our platform has significantly improved the level of satisfaction among our client’s customers and employees, empowering them with necessary insights and tools for the next-level wealth and asset management.

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