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Piplsay: Unlocking Consumer Insights with a Rapid Result Market Research Tool



About the project

Change is the name of the game when it comes to Piplsay’s approach to market trend integration. Using advanced data science methodologies and automation, they connect brands with real people across the globe, offering a comprehensive view of consumer insights. Responding to their users’ ever-changing needs and demographics, they approached Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC Group Company, to reimagine their market research platform, which boasts over a million respondents daily.


The team at Piplsay approached Momentum to revamp their widely used market research platform, with the goal of creating a space for real-time and rapid insights to enable better-informed decision-making.


From the onset of the collaboration, Momentum immersed themselves in the client’s needs by executing a current state assessment, heuristic evaluation, prioritization exercise, workshop, and customer journey mapping. They also delved into established market research models and applied them to real-world business situations. This led to the initial Proof of Concept and, later on, the Minimum Viable Product, which provides vital insights to key decision-makers about their product’s performance, awareness, and popularity.

The subsequent mapping of the visual structure required a thorough understanding of the types of content and their usage and fit. Momentum quickly realized how to group each segment by sketching, which allowed them to create block frames that were easy to move around.


Cunsomer insights application screenshot

What resulted was a platform that provides the ability to offer immediate and swift access to insights. In the past, it took months for research agencies to deliver data. Now, marketers and executives can have it in their hands within minutes, making the process highly efficient. Vital business decisions can be made much quicker, leading to more effective planning.

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