Platform Thinking

Platforms are eating the world. They represent a radical business evolution, separating ownership of an asset from its control. If you are part of a fragmented industry with non-scalable gatekeepers, platforms disruption is almost inevitable.

Platform Thinking Platforms

Connected Things

We develop integrated custom devices that exploit cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and AI to leverage the power of connectivity and IoT.

IOT Internet of Things Humeds Medicine Health

Customer Experience

We master advanced technologies to reimagine, design and build new experiences for customers, stores of the future and interactive storytelling.

Customer experience Features Ideas

New Filters

We excel in new forms of input from “always-connected” mobile first strategies to emerging technologies such as visual recognition, voice, augmented and virtual reality in order to power compelling levels of customer interactivity.

Always-connected Mobile New Filters


We support early-stage investment needs by applying transparent and flexible resources that accelerate the founding team’s route to market.

Ventures Early-stage Investment VC Funding


We enable our clients to develop new digital business models, revenue streams, products, and services to become leaders in their industries.

Consulting Business Revenue Products

Artificial Intelligence

We deliver superior solutions empowered by Machine Learning, leveraging the latest technologies and helping our clients to automate and improve both their efficiency and customer insights.

Artificial Intelligence AI Robotics Deep Learning

Smart Data

We manage, optimize and put to work large data sets in order to deliver personalized customer solutions that reveal actionable insights.

Smart Data Global Share Social Networking


We design and build robotic solutions. We manage all aspects of hardware development to enable new, more productive ways of doing business for our clients.

Robots Robotics Embedded

"We help our clients to define and then execute their digital transformation. We productize innovation and accelerate their growth."

Aleksandar Cabrilo HTEC

Aleksandar Cabrilo