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Gordana Miković Mucibabić: Shooting for the Stars

We like being surrounded by people of different backgrounds, interests, and ambitions because we recognize the unique value each person brings to the workplace. We believe that innovation comes from inspiring people who like to get out of their comfort zone and reach for the stars. This week, we caught up with a woman of many talents, Gordana Miković Mucibabić, Graphic Designer at HTEC, who has been a member of our team ever since the acquisition of Execom. 

Let’s hear her story! 

H: How did you get into contact with IT in the first place?

G: “The first time I came into contact with the IT world was in October 2010 when I started working as a graphic designer at Execom. I was contacted via the center “Living Upright,” which offers support for people with disabilities. I didn’t have much experience at the time, so that opportunity had been priceless for me, and I felt honored to become a part of the Execom team.

For the first six months, I was learning, and during that time, I was mainly trying to get familiar with my tasks and my role. My enthusiasm and my desire to fulfill those expectations were huge and tenacious. For a relatively short time, I managed to learn new programs, methods, and approaches without much difficulty, and soon I was able to start working on more complex projects.”

H: What projects inspired you the most?

G: “In the beginning, most of my tasks were designing icons for various applications and creating visuals and promotional materials. Over time, my confidence and my skills grew. In a couple of months, I learned how to design web applications and started gaining more knowledge about mobile apps UI/UX.

The projects I worked on were diverse in terms of their complexity and magnitude, but all of them were equally important for me and my personal development and growth. I enjoy working together with the development team on designing applications for our clients in various domains, such as broadcasting and multimedia. For example, I designed icons for an application we developed for a leading technology provider for live visual performances. This application mixes the video and visual effects based on music beats per minute and shows it on big LED screens.

One of the projects I also worked on was a quiz web application we created for a student’s fair. My tasks included the UI of the application and the whole visual identity, including promotional material branding. This was important for me because I had a chance to show my competencies in different areas of design.”

H: What are your responsibilities at HTEC Group?

G: “My days rarely look the same, and my tasks vary from designing icons, desktop, and mobile applications and dashboards, to creating graphic visuals and illustrations. Currently, I’m in charge of creating visuals for various internal announcements, social media campaigns, promotional material, etc. However, what never changes is the teamwork, the guidance and support I get every day from my colleagues. I constantly work with my colleagues to improve and nurture a visual identity of HTEC to help both the local and global community have a clear picture of what we stand for.”

H: What’s the thing you like the most about HTEC?

G: “I am lucky to be a part of a truly supportive team of creative super minds who are always there for me to guide me and help me if I am struggling with some personal or professional problems. I like to help out whenever the need arises because this gives me a sense of fulfillment and support which I believe a good team culture is built on. We grow by growing others. I also like the fact that I can learn so many new things here as my job is very dynamic and exciting — we are always experimenting with new things, trying out and testing to see what works or not. This helps me expand my knowledge and implement it on some other future projects. 

It would be hard for me to decide which tasks I enjoy most because they all give me a chance to express my creativity and explore some new techniques and directions, and at the same time help me improve my skills. Here at HTEC, every day is another opportunity for learning something new.”

H: You are a professional athlete and a shooter? How fascinating! Can you tell us more about it?

G: I am a professional athlete, and for many years I have been competing in international shooting competitions. My biggest success was a bronze medal at the Deaflympics 2009 in Taipei. Every medal I have won, and every success I have achieved is also an accomplishment of my team because they nurture my passion for growth and encourage me to always strive towards something more.

Apart from training in the shooting range every week, I am also active in the Association of the Deaf of Serbia, so, for me, every day is filled with different activities. Thankfully, I have full support from my family and colleagues, who give me strength and motivation to keep going.

H: Amazing! Big things are coming, right?

G: Yes! 🙂 I am planning to take part in the next big Deaflympics 2021 competition. I am currently working hard and preparing myself, so we’ll see what happens! But, nothing will stop me as I am a true fighter at heart. I believe that only by getting out of your comfort zone and finding the way to overcome the challenges and rise again when you fail will you be able to make it. So, shoot for the stars, and don’t set up yourself for any less! 

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