AI Meetup | Integrating AI into Data Engineering Stack 



29 February

18:00 – 20:00 CEST


HTEC Office in Niš

Bulevar Medijana 10

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Integrating AI into Data Engineering Stack

How AI technologies and methodologies fit into the processes and tools used for managing, processing, and analyzing data?

Integration aims to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and insights derived from the data engineering pipeline. We will share some of our experience with working with AI and how we managed to solve some business cases in order to derive more informed decisions.

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Date & Time: February 29th | 6 – 8 pm CEST


Join us for a captivating journey guided by our Senior Data Engineer and Technical Lead Igor Đorđević and Head of Data Solutions Sanja Bogdanović-Dinić. They will take a deep dive into the world of AI, with a focus on AI integration into the data engineering stack. 

Igor and Sanja will discuss various types of AI and modalities, covering applications, use cases, psychology, and emerging trends.

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This is a live event at HTEC Office in Niš (Bulevar Medijana 10).

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