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Excellence embedded: HTEC and SYRMIA enter a new technological frontier

Excellence embedded: HTEC and SYRMIA enter a new technological frontier

The unprecedented availability of AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning (ML), and embedded technology over the last few years has opened the floodgates to a technological revolution. As a long-time proponent of technologies that improve everyday life, HTEC’s recent acquisition of SYRMIA allows us to participate fully in this innovation surge. Together, we can provide our clients with an expanded offering of cutting-edge multimedia and automotive solutions while laying the groundwork to increase our capabilities in other areas.

An influx of embedded specialists (and more) 

HTEC and SYRMIA are pioneers and industry leaders in Serbia’s embedded engineering sector. In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the adoption of embedded engineering, resulting in significant breakthroughs for both companies across diverse industries. With the incoming team of SYRMIA professionals specializing in this field, we look forward to expanding our reach and skillset to tackle our clients’ most pressing challenges successfully.

“As fellow pioneers in building transformative technology solutions for clients worldwide, our combined team of embedded specialists sets the bar even higher. With SYRMIA on board, it feels like when Deep Thought won the first chess game against David Levy in 1989… the future seems unlimited in terms of applied AI and machine learning.”

– Marko Zdravkovski

Senior Director of Engineering and Delivery at HTEC

“Joining forces with HTEC is like Guns N’ Roses joining The Rolling Stones on stage in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on December 19, 1989, to play “Salt of the Earth”. These are the moments when the magic happens. The combined expertise of our two companies is a unique and great combination that is very much needed today. You get early Guns N’ Roses combined with the charm of “Beggars Banquet.” The audience, i.e., our clients, will be delighted.”

– Petar Jovanović

CTO at SYRMIA, an HTEC Company

SYRMIA’s 250-person team has joined our ranks, enriching our collective expertise with a diverse set of valuable skills: 

Embedded devices and software support 

Interest in embedded technology has grown in recent years as businesses look to evolve and anticipate customer needs. From life-saving medical devices to safer, more enjoyable experiences on the road, embedded tech can be easily integrated into systems across many industries. 

Uniting the two teams has enhanced our ability to provide system software concepts, architecture, and development for embedded devices. It also boosts our skills around device driver development, real-time adaptations, and legacy file systems for Linux. SYRMIA’s early adoption of Android development also positions our embedded team to craft tailored Android systems for embedded devices.   

ML and AI capabilities 

ML and AI have been instrumental catalysts for embedded technologies. Thanks to both, systems can learn from human behavior and make predictions based on large data inputs. The real-world applications of this advancement are boundless.  

Imagine pacemakers predicting irregular heart rhythms, vehicles detecting a distraction before it happens, or even something simple like a grocery app anticipating when you’ll be out of milk and ordering it ahead of time.  

With an already established reputation for AI innovation, HTEC’s highly qualified AI Division can make it happen. Adding SYRMIA’s ML engineers broadens our scope and unlocks more potential in this developing technology field. 

SYRMIA’s team is also skilled at creating hardware accelerators for ML tasks — they’ve already developed a tool that changes how machines learn. This tool allows systems to efficiently run complex neural network models in smartphones and consumer electronics, which can be implemented in some of our current projects and open the door to additional use cases.  

Advanced automotive solutions 

HTEC’s already adept and accomplished automotive engineers will be even stronger with the addition of SYRMIA’s experts in advanced driver-assistance systems. This new super team will cover even more ground when it comes to safety and reliability on the road. 

Complementing HTEC’s existing expertise, SYRMIA has vast experience in developing low-level drivers for automotive audio communication as well as validation and adherence to industry standards. Their skills also extend to deep learning algorithms for sensor systems, data handling automation, and continuous improvement through custom tools.  

Their work in this area is certain to strengthen HTEC’s growing skills in automotive safety and driver and passenger satisfaction.  

There’s no limit 

The next few months are sure to be exciting for everyone involved—especially our clients, who will see first-hand the new, innovative functionalities available to them. We look forward to tackling new challenges with a fresh perspective, sharing and gathering knowledge, and continuing, as always, to engineer a better future for all.