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Get Real Health: Future-focused UX design for health & wellness application 


Get Real Health

Project: Reimagining the mobile user experience

In bridging the gap between clinical data and patient health information from devices, apps, and patients, Get Real Health allows individuals and healthcare professionals to benefit from a more rounded and transparent health and wellness experience.

Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC company, revamped the existing mobile UX by evaluating the current UI design and creating a new clickable prototype. 

Challenge: Showcase a best-in-class UX design to live users

Get Real Health sought to take its mobile platform to the next level in anticipation of a crucial industry conference and for use beyond the event—the new look and feel of the application needed to meet the client’s needs and vision.  

Solution: Production-ready clickable UI prototype

To best understand user needs and pain points, Momentum created a user persona to evaluate what could be enhanced regarding aesthetics and functionality. Each design element was painstakingly configured to maximize the overall experience. 

A clickable prototype was created, including a development guide highlighting each element’s style, animations, and details.  

Showcasing a best-in-class UX design to live users

Success: Live clickable prototype with a transformed UX

This prototype allowed Get Real Health’s team to better visualize and present the new platform to the development team. 

With the conference fast approaching, our team combined best practices and creative problem-solving to enrich and transform the user experience. The new concept was completed on time and on budget, ensuring success at the conference and beyond. 

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