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2 mins read Powering the Next Generation of Digital Asset Exchange for Savvy Traders 

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About the project

Our client,, is a digital asset exchange terminal that offers users an integrated platform with access to more than ten exchanges, round-the-clock expert support from private brokers, and the market’s top digital asset deals.

In pursuit of an optimized retail desktop and mobile experience, they approached Momentum, an HTEC Group Company, to take on the challenge of creating an all-new and improved platform. 


The client challenged our team to create a mobile-friendly platform to be used by cryptocurrency day traders. The platform would utilize automated trading bots and have the ability to switch from different exchanges depending on a user’s aims, with a strong focus on user-friendliness and advanced visual experience. 


To best understand the client’s needs, our team reviewed the entire platform and client documentation, conducted user interviews, and put together a two-week workshop to unravel the journey map and user persona, as well as ran prioritization exercises. 

The research led to improving the automated trading bots and creating a human-centered visual design language. It also gave insights into user needs, which revolved around research and analysis, allowing the client to create their own programs, and customize their trading spaces. 

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The solution needed to consider the speed at which currency trades occur and the vital importance of swift information processing. It also aimed to be a central spot for users, enabling more efficient decision-making when it came to trading.  

After finalizing the concept for the enhanced platform’s basic layout and structure, our team created detailed wireframes to discover a more effective method of presenting traders with the necessary information. Their aim was to decrease the mental effort required and enhance the overall user experience. Consequently, this led to the development of interactive prototypes for the flows. 


Our team has developed a platform that fills the gaps and enables traders to manage multiple cryptocurrency accounts across various exchanges. The upgraded solution is based on robust visual design and user-centered design principles, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow and a high amount of relevant information. The dashboard created offers performance analytics and a bot-powered trade room, setting our client apart from their competitors. 

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