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Hobré: Partnering to build better software for process analyzers



Project: A trusted software development partnership

Hobré is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of online process analyzers for the oil, gas, (petro)chemical, steel, power generation, metal recycling and refining, renewables, and dairy industries. These process analyzers help maintain product quality and operational efficiency.

Hobré aimed to establish a technology partnership based on transparency and an agile software development approach. In HTEC, Hobré found a partner who could learn the intricacies of a highly specialized product and act as Hobré’s software development team.

Challenge: Getting process analyzer expertise quickly

When HTEC was introduced to the project, the team first focused on gaining domain expertise and understanding the science behind Hobré’s complex and versatile analytical devices. From there, HTEC set out to develop software for proprietary process analyzers and sampling solutions that could support full control of these devices.

HTEC’s team relied on its previous expertise in software development for high-tech instrumentation and science technology. The team was able to quickly grasp the requirements and translate them into a product within a limited budget and time. Hobré felt secure and in control, as the HTEC teams provided transparency, strong engineering aptitude across technologies, good communication, and flexibility.

One of the biggest challenges lay in taking over the previous development company’s documentation and creating transparent workflows and source code that Hobré could follow and control.

Another challenge was maintaining legacy systems of the older process analyzer devices.

In the product discovery phase, HTEC engineers talked to Hobré’s scientists, absorbing their domain expertise every step of the way and translating it into a successful prototype.

Solution: Maintaining legacy systems while building new software

The HTEC team on this project is small but extremely efficient. So far, the team has collaborated with Hobré in diverse areas of technology engineering — from maintaining legacy systems for older process analyzers to developing new analyzer software solutions. Hobré teams now use the features and prototypes that HTEC has worked on for beta testing with their clients.

In addition to the many software solutions HTEC has developed for different Hobré devices, HTEC is also developing a POC (proof of concept) for hardware that will be used to reduce costs in process analyzers.

Success: Delivering precise process analyzer software

Relying on its previous experience working with niche high-tech companies, HTEC has quickly delved into Hobré’s domain and understood its requirements.

Hobré was happy that it was able to regain control over its software and hardware development and always communicate with the HTEC team. Hobré was also pleased with HTEC’s engineers’ willingness to invest their brainpower into complicated scientific processes to help deliver precise solutions within a limited timeframe and budget.

The biggest value our team has brought into the partnership is collaborative and open communication during the whole development process, deep engagement and understanding of the domain, as well as transparency in the delivery of complex solutions.

– Sasa Bungin

HTEC Group’s Team Lead for Hobré

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