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Case Study: Advancing Human Health with Unique Product Vision


With the mission to ideate, build, and scale companies that would help solve the biggest health challenges in healthcare, our client is powering a new kind of innovation in healthcare. As the number of Medtech projects started growing, the client realized that the sooner they ideate and implement unique processes and a technical blueprint for all their upcoming projects, the faster they solve the scalability issue and ramp up multiple independent solutions designed to tackle various niche challenges in the specific domain. In essence, they struggled with two main challenges:  

  • How to scale their capabilities 
  • How to determine the lowest common denominator between projects 

The client partnered with HTEC Group to build a unique product vision that would power innovation on three separate projects, which would then serve as a strong foundation for their future endeavors. 


The client kicked off the collaboration with HTEC Group to help them drive innovation on three separate projects: 

  • A telemedicine solution for the management of Autoimmune diseases  
  • A telemedicine solution designed with youth, families, and schools in mind to create personalized, easily accessible, and affordable mental health programs.  
  • A combination of a physical and digital vet clinic  

Our goal was to leverage our human-design approach to build unique processes and a technical blueprint to offer a client a roadmap for future tech solutions that support their key objective — support startup medical companies to create value more quickly and encourage the best and the brightest leaders to join.  

The first step on this journey was to examine and understand the critical challenges of each project from a global perspective, most of them revolving around including different hurdles in building a new solution in the US healthcare system. From understanding the hurdles and complexity around integrating EHRs, insurance claims, and compliance requirements to identifying common domain-related problems between patients and providers, doctors, and medical institutions, we needed to have a clear overview of all the challenges ahead.  

Our plan was to leverage the findings to structure a clear roadmap for the client’s future projects allowing them to know where to invest more time and where the biggest risks reside when designing new medical solutions. The client wanted to leverage as much of the knowledge code base product principles that we uncovered on these projects for ramping up new ones. 

We were included in the discovery for three of their projects and conducted a system design phase and end-to-end delivery for the MVP. 

We built a technical code base, a blueprint of common integrations, and user interactions with each individual company. Our ambition was to use this boilerplate code to build the process that would turn the client’s ideas into real-case scenarios, understand how to transition to a system design phase, and use the common architecture for all the upcoming projects. This blueprint could be then utilized to speed up the delivery and rapidly launch a new product with the most common features premade, such as payments, calendars, scheduling, notifications, user identity access, UI library, Admin panel features, connection to EHR systems, BE analytics tracking, administration panels, and others.  

The underlying goal was to keep the initial solutions simple and easy to use but also scalable, if needed, as the user base of each individual project grows. This would enable the client to easily adapt the technical solution and make it more scalable, allowing them to speed up their time to market and meet the requirements of their ever-growing customer base. 

Having the opportunity to challenge ourselves with ideating, planning, and scaling multiple companies, almost in parallel, helped us to better understand the impact of a fragmented healthcare system on people’s daily lives. By rising to the challenge, and decreasing the time to market for new ideas we helped our partner to also uncover some lowest common denominators between these challenges, and abstract them from both a product and technical perspective, thus continually improving the odds for new ideas to reach their desired userbase sooner.

– Stefan Mršić

Senior Director of Engineering and Delivery at HTEC Group

With a strategic focus on overcoming actual healthcare industry challenges, we have crafted a robust blueprint that streamlines processes and integrates key functionalities. Our scalable code base and comprehensive technical infrastructure lay the foundation for seamless user experiences and rapid product deployment, ensuring our clients remain at the forefront of healthcare transformation.

– Miloš Galić

Engineering and Delivery Manager at HTEC Group


The whole solution was based on AWS, and the latest technologies were implemented on this journey, including React for frontend, Java for backend, and Flutter for mobile development. 


A key goal of medical companies is to enable healthcare providers to ensure easy access to care for patients globally. This would allow patients to gain a better understanding of their conditions, build beneficial relationships with providers, and ultimately manage and overcome illnesses and injuries. On the other hand, by enabling the digital future of patient care, healthcare providers could provide superior healthcare services for all and contribute to lowering overall healthcare expenditure.  

With this solution, the client can now have strong technical support to initiate the ideas and build products that would not only solve some of the biggest health challenges like improving access to healthcare but also inspire the world’s leading visionaries to lead these companies to massive scale. And they can do this with much higher predictability and much lower risk. On top of this, this technical blueprint will help the client expand into the market at speed and scale and meet the essential expectations that every person has of the healthcare system — access, experience and outcomes. 

We have witnessed true engineering capability, speed of delivery, clarity of code, and highly efficient communication which strengthened our trust in HTEC to deliver software with excellence. HTEC Group is truly a partner and a thread that took us from the idea to the real world.”

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