Setting the Beat for Music Industry Networking

Jammcard is an invite-only app for music professionals, an efficient platform for creating and sharing creative portfolios, which highlight users' skills, experience and media related to the industry. This innovative music industry application is the result of a collaboration between the well-known LA musician Elmo Lovano and HTEC team, and was created to facilitate bookings, communication and networking between users.

The Challenge

With the ever-changing nature of the music industry, keeping up-to-date with the community is essential to producing quality in the music business. As we are currently witnessing the evolution of both the music business and social networking, Jammcard, with the goal to cater to the needs of professional musicians in search of the perfect niche platform, is the long-needed solution.

In an oversaturated music market, finding new talent or networking with potential band members, tour crews and studio teams, can be quite challenging.

The Capacity

The HTEC team has produced native iOS and Android applications, designed primarily to accommodate musicians’ mobile lifestyles. The app also provides the connections with a range of services to promote, gather and analyze data, giving additional value to the product.

When looking for something specific, Jammcard allows members to narrow down the list of potential candidates by genre, skills, gender and even by what gear they use, which is important to many artists.

With the idea of creating a vetted network of members to connect with, Jammcard became the first invite-only social media app for music professionals: musicians, producers, singers, songwriters, directors, techs, managers, live/studio engineers, etc.

Features that the HTEC team developed include:

Searching for musicians to form a band, tour crew or studio team;
Networking and messaging with music professionals;
Discovering curated member spotlights and top upvoted members;
Activity feed displaying the most recent and interesting shared activity of users;
Booking sessions, lessons, mentorships, and virtual gigs with today’s top music professionals.

These functionalities are now enabling a fresh approach to keeping up with and supporting one’s musical community.

In addition to helping musicians present detailed experience, endorsements, contact information, and connect through messaging, the platform also has sections to organize links to audio and video files, and an events calendar for upcoming concerts.

The Success

Jammcard has been hailed by Forbes magazine as “the musician’s LinkedIn,” as it allows various musicians, ranging from professional studio engineers to world-renowned performers, to build their profiles and connect with others in order to find new opportunities to work and collaborate. Music professionals now have a vetted social platform that enables discovering, connecting and maintaining relationships with people from the music industry backed with the newest technology.

In 2019, the Jammcard app won gold at the W3 Awards for Best Mobile App in Social Media. Jammcard has expanded from Los Angeles to New York, and plans global expansion, starting with notable music capitals, such as Nashville and London.