Parsable: Achieving Operational Excellence with Connected Worker Tools

Parsable Connected Worker empowers frontline workers with modern digital tools to help improve safety, quality, productivity and sustainability. Their vision is to leverage technology to connect people to the information, systems and machines, and therefore enable operational excellence. They partnered with HTEC Group to develop and deliver the Connected Worker Platform to transform static, paper-based procedures into mobile and interactive work instructions, enabling workers to leverage multimedia formats and collaborate in real time.


Unlike old traditional factories, modern manufacturing systems have rather complex machines and require higher additional education of the workforce. Parsable’s idea was to implement processes in factories that would help manufacturers of the world digitize checklists, workflows and SOPs and guide workers on their journey towards operational excellence. They were looking for a solution that would turn paper-based procedures into mobile and interactive work instructions, which would not only enable workers to collaborate in real time, but it would also improve their safety. On top of this they needed to gain insight into human work so that they could improve their overall processes.   

Parsable, companies gain unprecedented insight into human work by capturing essential data to improve their operations at scale. A partner of the World Economic Forum, Parsable is trusted by top global companies in the manufacturing and energy industries including consumer packaged goods, resources and chemicals, packaging and building materials, and automotive and aerospace. 

"We helped Parsable deliver value in two key areas: 1. Our longstanding and successful partnership with the client as well as our domain expertise and efforts brought us to the stage where our team plays a key part in developing the client’s product and technical solution. 2. Together with Parsable, we have been developing the execute domain, which is an integral part of the client’s business, the engine that makes a difference because it is directly exposed to the end-users.” — Dejan Pokrajac, Senior Engineering and Delivery Manager at HTEC Group


Our team’s focus was to rewrite the whole mobile application using React Native, create the Node.JS backend that communicates with the mobile app and then integrate it with the whole Next Gen System. The next step was taking the responsibility for the whole execution domain including Next Gen and Classic Gen. The execution part is the powerhouse of the client’s platform as it visible to their end-customers. Powered by HTEC Tech Excellence Office we managed to create streamlined mobile architecture while using all the best practices currently available on the market. This resulted in creating a top-notch team that will be able to cover the entire execute domain on both Next Gen and Classic Gen.

“HTEC is our center of excellence for mobile development. The Connected Worker Platform is powered by mobile data collected by frontline workers, so HTEC really is the life blood of our product and the value of our platform. We're entrusting this critical facet of our platform and infrastructure to the HTEC team and know they're up to the task.” — Brandon Mahne, VP of Engineering at Parsable


A partner of the World Economic Forum, Parsable is trusted by top global companies in the manufacturing and energy industries including consumer packaged goods, resources and chemicals, packaging and building materials, and automotive and aerospace. Parsable Connected Worker Platform HTEC Group built together with Parsable helps these large industrial companies worldwide increase their productivity, quality and safety to be able to step up their game and get ahead of the curve. Unlike traditional ERP and MES systems which manage to digitize processes up to a certain point, Parsable Connected Worker Platform digitizes the last mile to the frontline worker. With Parsable, workers can use the app on their mobile device and execute work with little or no training. Managers can go through the no-code authoring platform, change and optimize procedures, and then seamlessly deploy it to every single individual globally with the push of a button.  

Since all the factory machines are rather complex machines, they require higher education because using them can be a real challenge. This solution should enable easier onboarding of workers, allowing them to educate on the processes and operations within the factory and provide learning materials for the newcomers. Through the gathered data Parsable platform can yield crucial insights for better performance, safety and visibility across operations and production processes and allow a company to react and adapt to certain changes much more easily. Overall, this solution enabled reduced unplanned stoppages, waste and paper, increased OEE, throughput and compliance with digital traceability, faster operator onboarding and certification.  


HTECGroup and Parsable Results

“HTEC has been critical in driving the success of the Connected Worker Platform and helping our users. They provide industry leading expertise in react-native development and best practices which allowed us to move quickly on new features and pay down technical debt. They have a deep dedication to quality with high unit and integration testing coverage using modern CI/CD best practices. Finally, their project management is outstanding, with great communication and timelines that are based in reality and allow for product delivery planning at scale. Expertise, quality, and great communication. It's unparalleled in the organizations we've worked with in the past.” — Brandon Mahne, VP of Engineering at Parsable

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