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Coalfire: Transforming Auditing and Compliance   



About the project

Coalfire, a cybersecurity company, offers cloud expertise and technological solutions to ensure the security and compliance of its clients. Turning to Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC Group company, they aimed to overhaul their advanced audit, risk, and compliance platform, adapting it for practical use and scalability. Momentum was entrusted with the challenge of reimagining the platform, with a focus on incorporating easily achievable improvements that could be implemented as part of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 


Momentum faced the challenge of converting an existing ARC platform into an intuitive interface, enabling users to visually monitor their compliance continuously. The platform handled numerous data-heavy tasks, it was critical that Momentum took a user-centric approach to help the customers track and maintain compliance to avoid data breaches. 


Our Approach 

Supporting Design with User Research and Feedback 

Before initiating any design efforts, HTEC’s company thoroughly engaged with the existing product. It involved an in-depth analysis of usability, interviews with users and stakeholders, and a comprehensive competitor analysis. Additionally, a two-day workshop was conducted to craft user personas, develop journey maps, and establish priorities. Subsequently, Momentum created wireframes for the optimal workflows, collaborating closely with stakeholders to gather feedback. The final step involved applying visual enhancements that elevated the platform to a modern and timeless appeal. 


  • Expert Analysis 
  • Discovery Workshop 
  • Competitive Analysis 


  • User Personas 
  • Journey Mapping 

Momentum produced a mix of strategic insights, very collaborative workshopping that helped deliver ux & ui that inspires the next generation of the forward-thinking c-suite audience looking to add value to their organization.”

– Coalfire team


Functional and Usable Design 

Through a comprehensive grasp of users’ diverse use cases, needs, and challenges, the team developed a versatile system enabling users to monitor Coalfires’ compliance seamlessly throughout the year, regardless of the number of frameworks employed. Users gained the capability to effortlessly upload documents, oversee versions, delegate document uploads to the appropriate individuals, and communicate with auditors—all within a centralized platform. From the auditors’ perspective, they could track users’ progress, receive notifications for new documents or policies to review, and promptly accept or flag them as non-compliant. 


  • Design Sprint Planning 
  • UI Design and Prototyping 
  • Visual Design 
  • UI Specification 
  • Style Guide 

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