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Retail Roundup: Shipping delays test customer loyalty, goodbye to pre-pandemic shopping habits

HTEC Retail Roundups examine retail technology trends, digital retail innovations, and disruptive products.

Retail brands targeted by hedge funds for short-selling

As if 2020 wasn’t already bad enough for the UK’s retail industry, The UK Times reports that hedge funds are targeting major retail brands such as Sainsbury’s and Morrisons for short-selling. This is a strong signal that the catastrophic consequences of COVID-19 are still having a detrimental effect on the retail industry.

Former retail titans that were forced to close in 2020

In a bittersweet tribute to an industry going through dramatic changes, Forbes highlighted iconic US retail stores that closed during 2020. Even though most of these brands—including Lord & Taylor and Macy’s—were struggling to remain operational before the global pandemic struck, it is still a testament to how much the industry has suffered. 

Retail sales get a surprising bump, powered by online shopping

The MasterCard 2020 holiday season report somewhat surprisingly showed a 3% rise in retail sales. Perhaps more predictably, online sales rose by 49%, highlighting the dramatic shift in shopping habits that is set to continue in the coming year.

Prediction: Consumers never go back to pre-pandemic shopping habits

Charged delivered a batch of retail trends for 2021 with a prediction that there will be no return to “before COVID,” as the pandemic and its consequences expedited the industry’s major shift to online shopping, innovative technological solutions, and diverse payment methods.

Experts foresee more automation and independent retailers

Charged has also sought out the opinions of retail industry experts to gauge their vision of the industry and the defining developments that will play a major role. The trends and predictions include the rise of independent retail, digital payments, and supply chain automation.

Shipping delays test customer loyalty

Retail Dive highlighted the strain put on delivery services amid the holiday season. Particularly, how some major retailers may lose loyal customers because of unavoidable shipment delays. 

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