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HTEC Banja Luka Team Empowered with 24 New Colleagues

Two years ago, HTEC Group established a development center in Banja Luka, which has been thriving with engineering talent ever since. Recently, since the beginning of 2022, 24 new colleagues joined our Banja Luka team, making it 100+ people strong and growing. This group of 24 people saw great potential in HTEC, as well as its ambition to gather the best talent and give them opportunities to discover their own unique career paths. 

To find out more about this milestone and what motivated these 24 people to choose HTEC Group over other companies in the region, we recently talked with Davor Jovanovic, Engineering Lead at HTEC Group: 

I’ve been in the IT business for eight years, and when I look back, I see that the first four years were the hardest. Not only because it was the most intensive period of learning and development in desired IT verticals, but mainly because the IT scene in Banja Luka was not so developed at the time. A scarce number of IT companies and a lack of IT experts made it difficult for juniors to get quality mentors. This has changed significantly with HTEC Group joining the IT scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I recognized HTEC’s vision of quality, and I am happy to be a part of this story. In just two years, HTEC has not only grown more than four times (from about 250 employees to over 1,000) but has managed to attract some of the best IT professionals the region has to offer, creating an army of mentors for future colleagues. HTEC is the point where quantity and quality meet, where extraordinary is the new ordinary. 

We also caught up with two more tech talents, Đurđica Marmat and Žarko Lalović, who were part of this group of people, to tell us what drove them to join our team:  

As a young software engineer at the beginning of my career, I have a great desire to advance. I belong to that group of young people who want to make it in their own country, and I firmly believe this is possible.  

What I especially like about HTEC is that the company recognizes its employees’ talent and ambition and, in turn, gives them amazing career development opportunities. Working on complex projects with experts one can learn from and attending free courses in various fields make such advancement ever more achievable.

I am interested in various IT areas, from web application development to Machine Learning. And this is another reason I chose HTEC—it allows making a transition from one position or technological field to a completely different one to those who want to explore various opportunities. Coupled with a great atmosphere and business spirit, I have no doubt I made an excellent choice by joining HTEC.” Đurđica Marmat, Software Engineer 

Support is not only important in the early stages of our career development, but in later stages as well—especially for seniors and leads. The reasons are numerous, from having to keep up with the trends and emerging technologies to implementing many new approaches across various domains. In my opinion, HTEC’s ability to provide support every step of the way is what sets it apart from other opportunities.

At HTEC, we nurture the community called Tech Excellence. It helps establish exactly those unique approaches needed on the delivery side. Still, more importantly for me, they provide the knowledge and guidance for the next leap from a team lead to a solution architect. I’ve been looking for such an opportunity and couldn’t find it in other local companies. This is why I chose HTEC Group.Žarko Lalović, Solution Architect 

We’re glad to have the chance to take part in the development of the IT scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recently the University of Banja Luka and HTEC Group signed a Cooperation Agreement, which will provide both students and professors of the University, as well as HTEC engineers and experts, with numerous opportunities to grow through internship programs, in-house lectures, and mutual scientific and research activities.  

Watch the video to learn more.  

We’re moving on with our expansion of the HTEC Banja Luka office and looking forward to offering opportunities for growth to anyone willing to explore their potential. Just recently we celebrated the 1000th team member, Jasmina Hodzic-Brkovic, who joined us in our new Sarajevo office.  

Check out the video.  

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