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HTEC Client PocDoc Launches a Rapid Covid-19 Testing Solution

HTEC client PocDoc launches COVID-19 rapid test

British digital healthcare company Vital Signs Solutions has recently launched a low-cost rapid testing service for Covid-19 which aims to enable a safe return to work for organizations and businesses in the UK and beyond. Costing just £10, the PocDoc testing solution provides a result with a 98% accuracy in just 10 minutes (“the time it takes to order at Starbucks”, as PocDoc CEO Steve Roest notices). This represents a major step forward from the complicated, time-consuming, and more expensive testing procedures currently in place.

The PocDoc digital testing platform, developed by HTEC client Vital Signs Solutions, combines a finger-prick testing kit and an app that collects and organizes testing data. All users get a unique encrypted QR code to ensure maximum data privacy (any identifiable information is only accessible to the employer organization), and all data is backend-encrypted and stored securely on a cloud. The digital platform enables organizations to track their employee’s health and status, and thus coordinate and organize a safe return to work.

At HTEC, we pride ourselves on providing technical solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, and we are proud to have an opportunity to contribute to the back-to-work efforts in the midst of a pandemic. We wish to commend both our client and our own team working on the development of the PocDoc digital platform. We hope that the solution will have a major impact on the global effort to overcome the current circumstance.

Learn more about the PocDoc platform here!