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HTEC Days 2021 – Connected 

For the second year in a row, we have marked the end of an exciting and successful year with an internal online conference – HTEC Days. Our team, which recently surpassed 1000 members, got together (at least virtually) for two days to discuss technology and business trends, talk about the importance of mentorship and career development, learn from each other’s expertise and experience, but most importantly, to be connected.  

Introducing: HTEC Connected 

Now, more than ever, approaching two full years of mostly remote work, being connected is essential. Our fast-growing team is connected in many ways, by locations, by technologies and by project teams. 

During the conference we heard from our PMO team on good PM practices, showcased in their recently issued PM Handbook. Our business development team, which is working across the globe to identify opportunities for HTEC to contribute to the success of exciting new technologies, also came together to share with the rest of the company, how they see market trends and what exciting new prospects they have in the pipeline.  

Our team is also connected through technologies. Our Tech Excellence Office and network of technology leaders across the company, organized two panel discussions – one on the role of technology leaders in ensuring the quality of HTEC services through different processes – engineering and delivery, mentorship and career development and recruitment, and the second panel was focused on the role of Solution Architects. Several of our tech leaders also gave amazing tech presentations on data engineering, the design and development of intelligent hardware, and many other great topics.   

HTEC Days was also an opportunity to reflect on the year behind us and strategic plans moving forward. Our CEO, Aleksandar Cabrilo, opened the conference reflecting on what kind of opportunity HTEC’s growth brings for its people and clients. He explained that as the company grows it creates opportunities for its people. And with this growth and scale, we are in the position to work on core projects and core technologies with some of the top global tech companies. We have more influence not only on projects, but also on products and strategies for our clients providing non-measurable value to their businesses by not just coding and designing against the requirements, but also through expressing more creativity and more freedom in our work. He also explained that this also means a lot for our people’s career development, people’s growth and building expertise that is the fuel of this company, therefore providing utmost value to the company as a whole. Aleksander pointed out that our aim is to support all areas of business through two important tracks — managerial track and expert track — providing our people with opportunities and the environment where they can grow and show their true and maximum potential. 

As part of the conference, we also organized a public panel discussion “Design Thinking — How to scientifically embrace building the products of the future from understanding what our users really want” with Peter McNulty, Head of Design & User Experience at Momentum Design Lab, Mark Scrivener, Managing Director EMEA at Momentum Design Lab and Nikola Gladovic, Director, Engineering, and Delivery at HTEC Group who shared their experience in working with some of the leading companies in the world on building digital products that matter. The panelists are leaders in product design and engineering at Momentum Design Lab and HTEC Group and they also discussed how the recent acquisition of MDL by HTEC brings value to clients and opens up new opportunities to build disruptive products, drive innovation and transform the way business is done from the inside out. 

Watch the full video.  

The future looks bright  

We can’t wait for the new year to start as it will bring many new challenges that we need to solve allowing us to grow even further and deliver excellence on our journey to become one of the most influential and the biggest software engineering companies in Southeastern Europe. Our ambitions are high, and challenges can only make us stronger to offer the best services to our clients and create a culture where everyone can evolve continuously and make an impact. We are looking forward to new gatherings, knowledge-sharing events, workshops, and conferences of this kind as they remind us of how much we have accomplished so far and how many opportunities are ahead of us.  

Cheers to the future!