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HTEC Group Acquires WaySeven Technologies to Continue to Build a Regional Engineering Powerhouse in Banja Luka

July 26, 2022, San Francisco – HTEC Group, a global consulting, software engineering, and digital product development company founded in Serbia, announces the acquisition of WaySeven Technologies, a technology company from Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) providing services for clients in the Silicon Valley and Europe.  

Over the past two years, HTEC has established a strong presence in Banja Luka, and the latest acquisition brings the total number of team members in the Banja Luka engineering center close to 200.  

The acquisition agreement is the outcome of a shared vision between the two companies, as well as the potential generated through working on the most challenging projects in partnership with global corporations. The acquisition brings HTEC Group a step closer to its goal of becoming the best technology company in Southeast Europe and beyond, according to Bojan Šukalo, the company’s Director, Engineering & Delivery. 

“HTEC has approached the WaySeven team because we have recognized that the company nurtures values similar to ours, primarily reflected in the strong focus on employee satisfaction. We are proud to unite the best engineers in the domain of financial technology and happy that our respective technological expertise is perfectly complementary, which enables us to take on even bigger and more impactful global projects in the future”. – Bojan Šukalo 

Goran Gašić (left) and Bojan Šukalo

The acquisition also provides a number of important benefits for WaySeven Technologies, most importantly creating opportunities for its engineering team to work with some of the most renowned global companies, according to Goran Gašić, co-founder and CEO of WaySevenTechnologies. 

“Over the course of previous weeks, we have carefully considered this opportunity and the benefits it can bring to our business ecosystem, our partners, clients, and our employees. I am certain that we have made the right decision by joining forces with HTEC Group. Our shared desire is to renew the engineering potential of Banja Luka. Here we have a strong academic foundation and smart and capable young people who wish to stay in their hometown. It is up to us to build the most advanced IT center in Eastern Europe of which we will all be proud.” – Goran Gašić 

With its engineering capacities now further expanded with top-notch FinTech expertise, HTEC Group will continue to provide engineering services to clients across the globe, relying on innovation, creativity, and world-class engineering experience to provide value for the most forward-thinking and impactful global organizations.