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HTEC Group at conEEct 2021

We’re excited to share that HTEC Group will be supporting this year’s Third Regional Conference of Students of Electrotechnics and Computing Sciences, ConEEct, as a General Sponsor. ConEEct connects industry experts, companies, students, and IT enthusiasts, allowing young talents to learn more about how to develop their skills, gain valuable insights into the latest technologies and grow on their career path, both personally and professionally. 

With this in mind, a few of our experts and thought-leaders Predrag Pivarski, Head of Talent Acquisition, Katarina Urosevic, Chief of Staff, Srdjan Jovanovic, Director of People, Goran Savic, Tech Excellence Office, will share their insights and thoughts on what it takes to show your true potential, shine on your career journey and make an impact. 

We are excited to sponsor the ConEEct student conference, which will bring together engineering students from the region to discuss different ways they can navigate their careers in the software engineering world, find their ideal career path, and grow beyond their expectations.” — Katarina Urosevic, Chief of Staff at HTEC Group 

HTEC speakers 

HTEC Group at ConEEct

Predrag Pivarski will take part in a panel discussion, HR Talk — Advice for Future Engineers, where panelists will  share advice on how to build successful careers and be confident at every step of this journey, starting from identifying career opportunities, showcasing your talent during interviews and developing yourself continuously in the process. The best thing is that visitors will have a chance to open any topic, which will make this discussion exciting and interactive. 

Goran Savic will take part in another panel discussion, Career Path, where he will present the corporate journey and a world of opportunities big software engineering companies like HTEC Group can offer to young engineers. Goran will dive more into and try to demystify the HTEC unique 3-way career path (technology expert, technology leadership, and engineering leadership). He will explain to students how their ideal career path depends on their personal preferences and acknowledgment of the strengths they may have not even been aware of at the beginning of their career journey. 

Katarina Urosevic, our Chief of Staff, and Srdjan Jovanovic, Director of People operations, will open the conference by sharing with students the story of HTEC’s growth from a start-up to a 1000 people strong global R&D and engineering company. They will share examples of exciting technologies developed by HTEC teams and how HTEC’s rapid growth has opened up unique opportunities for our people’s personal and professional growth.

Let’s ConEEct 

Time is ticking! Make sure you mark your calendar to take your career to the next level!

Venue: Zlatibor 

Time: 29.10 — 1.1

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