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HTEC Group Becomes a Member of Medical Alley Association in Minneapolis

  • Medical Alley is the world’s leading health technology innovation hub

  • More than 1,000 healthcare companies

  • More than a billion dollars of M&As and $347M of public and private capital funding new developments in the first quarter of 2021

29 April 2021, Minneapolis — HTEC Group became a member of Medical Alley Association in Minnesota as part of the company’s strategy to join the most successful healthtech companies in the world and act as an enabler of digital transformation and innovation in healthcare and medical space.

We’re proud to be a member of this reputable institution and to celebrate Medical Alley Day with all the people and organizations that make Minnesota the Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®.

HTEC Group is looking to find synergies with like-minded industry professionals and organizations that share our ambition to create digital products that will drive healthcare innovation and improve or revolutionize current technologies which are often outdated and not in touch with the needs of modern patients and their healthcare providers.

One of such products is Marani Health’s prenatal telehealth solution for pregnant women and their healthcare practitioners that HTEC Group has helped design, develop, test, and bring to market alongside the Mayo Clinic, which was also the co-founder and biggest supporter of Marani’s solution. The solution was recognized as potentially game-changing by Forbes.

Partnerships for sharing thought leadership

There is a clear need for multi-faceted technology partners in the Twin Cities region, especially in the MedTech/HealthTech and Healthcare industries, but across all industries as well. The breadth of HTEC’s expertise and the depth of our engagement with clients goes further than almost any company in the region, which gives us a competitive advantage for deep client relationships that produce cohesive, comprehensive solutions. We intend to use our thought leadership and expertise in the MedTech industry to position HTEC as an innovation ecosystem builder that supports enterprises and ideas for a better future. By joining the Medical Alley Association, HTEC Group is taking the first step in this direction. However, our intention is to go much further.

HTEC Group has been present in Minnesota since Q4 of 2020, and plans to significantly grow its client portfolio and connection to this region.

“HTEC chose to expand into Medical Alley to be part of a community that is truly leading healthcare innovation. The potential to work with companies on the frontier of health, and help them realize and materialize new visions, is incredible. We hope to build an ecosystem that is on the frontier of health innovation and add to the positive difference these organizations are making across the world. We are genuinely excited to see what the future brings.”—says Andrew McGee, HTEC’s representative for the US MidWest market development.

The membership in Medical Alley also opens a pathway for our experts to share their opinion with the community. The first of such opinion pieces produced by our team was published last week on the Medical Alley website. Read about: How Does Trust Impact the Digital Healthcare Experience?