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HTEC Group in Ljubljana

Ready to join our team in Ljubljana? 

We are tirelessly working to bring new talents into our team and expand our presence both across the region and internationally. This time, we are taking you to Ljubljana, where our small but ambitious team of people with broad experience and growth mindset got together in 2020 to become a part of the HTEC journey and open a world of new opportunities that would accelerate our growth globally. 

With more than 3000 companies, Slovenia ICT sector presents numerous opportunities for building partnerships and making investments — it is a home to a number of well-established IT companies with R&D capability and established services. Behind its picture-perfect looks, Ljubljana has a huge capacity and great ambitions to become a European tech hub. And HTEC Group is excited to have recognized this tremendous opportunity and become a part of Ljubljana tech world. 

Niko Slavnic, Chief Marketing Officer at HTEC Group, one of the first members of Ljubljana HTEC growing team, explains how he crossed his path with HTEC Group: 

“I met the future founders of HTEC in 2007, helping them with their initiative to establish the Serbian Business Angels Network. I was helping with legislation and developing the startup investment scene in Serbia, as I’ve done in other countries in the region. At the time, HTEC Group was only beginning to take shape and we were more focused on the general ecosystem and investments in startups — evaluation, due diligence, defining the elements of the growth of startups. Fast forward a decade or so from then, we have HTEC on a very different level to how it was in the early days.”

Niko had stayed in touch with HTEC’s founders and was impressed with the company’s growth over the years. However, he admits that his involvement with the company was far removed from his recent plans and aspirations.

“…When I was first approached by HTEC leadership, the main topic we discussed was merely helping out with marketing. Once I was presented with their vision of the company’s future growth, the challenge was too enticing to pass up. I am very excited about the opportunity to work together with HTEC Group to build a unicorn at an exceptional speed.”

Niko Slavnic HTECGroup

Niko touches on the company’s unique approach, rapid growth, and ambitions to accelerate the future:

“We have a plan to grow the company ten times in the next five years, and I am here to help build everything that is necessary to achieve that goal. When we first started discussing these plans, there were 300 people at HTEC. Now there’s already 1000, but if we wish to jump to 6,000 in three to five years, there are many things we need to establish in between.“

To learn more about Niko Slavnic, his career path and how he helps HTEC drive growth, read HTEC Features: Niko Slavnic

To hear more about the early beginnings and the rapid growth of the HTEC Group company in the time of crisis, join Niko Slavnic at Slovenska Marketinska Konferenca on 5th of October, 9:00 – 10:00 am. 

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What is Ljubljana like?

“Feel the green soul of our dragon city with the vibrant tech community that knows even how to build a unicorn company!” — Niko Slavnic, CMO at HTEC Group 

Ljubljana is a product of its history and cultures. It collates the best of its neighbours into one quite gorgeous recipe. The literature of the Austrians, the passion of the Hungarians, the freedom of the Italians and the storytelling of the southern Slavs? It all comes together here, in a definitely Slovenian way.

What are the city’s highlights?

Ljubljana’s highlights aren’t difficult to find. Ljubljana Castle is a rabbit’s warren of history, culture and curiosities, while Tivoli Park is a walker’s paradise and the lungs of the city. Ljubljana is the perfect base for exploring the stunning Slovenian coast, the fairytale lakes of Bled and Bohinj and the many different towns of the hinterland. 

What are people like?

Slovenes are just about as down to earth as Europeans. The work/life balance that so many nations strive for seems to have been perfected here, with many locals happy to work hard during the week and play hard at the weekend. Oh, and Slovenes are super-friendly, very amusing with a great sense of humour. 

What’s the weather like?

The winters are cold and snowy, as Ljubljana turns white in time for the Christmas season. The summers are hot, and spring and autumn, well, perfect. 

Where can I try the best local food?

Slovenia has an amazing culinary scene, and plenty of decent restaurants like Pen Club, Strelec, Atelje, Druga Violina, Restavracija JB and Kuhinja Krušič. 

Where can I learn more about Ljubljana and its tech scene?

If you wish to feel the beating heart of Ljubljana, visit IYP Guide where you will find more details about the most interesting highlights of this wonderful city. To learn all there is to know about ljubljana and Slovenia, and make your visit to Slovenia enjoyable and unforgettable, visit I feel Slovenia. Also, visit City of Ljubljana to stay up to date with the latest news and Visit Ljubljana to learn more about all the events that take place throughout the year. 

To find out more about Ljubljana tech scene, visit Technology Park Ljubljana. It is a tech, startup and scaleup community that provides a supportive and stimulating business environment for the development of high-tech entrepreneurship and presents the largest business centre in SEE. 

Green Ljubljana has a vibrant, young startup ecosystem that’s worth discovering. Learn more about the startup scene in Ljubljana at Start:Up Slovenia

Let’s Grow Together! 

The HTEC Office in Ljubljana is still small but with ambitions to drive transformational growth. Are you looking to challenge yourself and grow working next to some of the world’s best minds and super-creative visionaries? Reach out to Niko Slavnic to find out what growth opportunities await you. 

We’re looking for 250+ new colleagues to join us on our quest. Come and explore many career opportunities in Ljubljana, or any other city like Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Banja Luka, Skopje, Nis, Stockholm, Minneapolis and others — wherever you find yourself in.

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