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HTEC Group in Skopje

Skopje is a city of contrasts and rich history; from nature to breathtaking monuments, cuisine to adventure, there’s something in Skopje for everyone. 

If you still haven’t had a chance to visit Skopje, now is just the right time to do it. Ready to go on an exciting adventure? We are looking forward to meeting you in our HTEC office in Skopje.

What is Skopje like?

No matter the subject, Skopje is at the centre of life in North Macedonia. Not only is it the capital, but this thrilling city of some 550,000 people is the political, cultural, economic and academic centre of the country. Many cities in the region like to talk up the ‘clashing cultures’ aspect of day to day life but few prove that as palpably as Skopje. If they’ve been in the Balkans they’ve been here, and the reminders are everywhere, most notably in the wide range of culinary options and a selection of museums that will keep culture vultures sated for the longest time. Throw in a little bit of passion and plenty of excitement and you’ve got yourself a Southeast European capital that demands more attention 

What are the city’s highlights?

The city’s fortress stands high over the city and provides centuries of history and incredible views alike, while the famous Old Bazaar sits underneath, buzzing with the constant sound of conversation, commerce and culture. The Skopje 2014 development saw an abundance of statues and ambitious architecture introduced to the city centre, while the city is also home to the best range of museums and galleries in all of North Macedonia. 

What are people like?

The North Macedonian people are cheerful, gregarious, hard-working and enthusiastic, happy to converse at the best of times and quick to provide humanity when the pendulum swings the other way. The history of this nation is long and storied and such histories breed tough people, but that is allied with a collective personality that is as engaging as it is infectious. 

Do people speak English?

The range of people speaking English in North Macedonia is growing all the time and it is no great shock to find out that the capital is at the centre of this development. Younger generations are particularly adept with the international language, while the growing tourist industry has seen many older folks try to pick it up as well. As always, learning a few words of Macedonian will open many a door for visitors to the city.

What’s the weather like?

Skopje summers are hot and the winters are cold, although the extremes are only really approached in the former. The thermometer consistently his the mid-30s in the middle of the year, while winters usually hover around the zero mark. With those figures in mind, spring and autumn are positively delightful, with comfortable temperatures and the relative charms of either season coming to the fore through the city’s abundance of greenery. 

What is it like to live there?

Living in Skopje is a delight. This is a place where pennies go further than normal but there is a lot more to this place than simple value for money. Digital nomads will find a huge range of cafes available for good coffee and that ideal working environment, while young families moving to the North Macedonian capital can make the most of the excellent facilities in this international city.  

Where can I try the best local food?

Skopje has no shortage of restaurants serving up the delicious dishes that have kept the people of the city moving for centuries. What Macedonian food lacks in reputation it makes up in freshness and flavour, with sumptuous grilled meat sitting alongside fresh salads and inventive dishes that simply sparkle with history. Nadžak is a great place for sampling the traditional side of things, while Pivnica An allows the hungry visitor to try out some local beers with their food. It also happens to be located in the old bazaar, which is always a good thing. 

What about the nightlife?

Skopje is a city of two sides. In the day, history and culture permeate every nook and cranny, but this place truly comes alive at night. The heart of the town becomes one massive party covering all different types of nightlife, from traditional Balkan clubs to dive bars and modern approaches to the various artisanal revolutions that are taking the world by storm. The bazaar has a wide range of options, while Macedonia Square has a fine selection that doubles up as prime people-watching real estate. 

HTEC Group in Skopje 

We caught up with Marko Zdravkovski, Engineering Manager at HTEC Group located in Skopje to tell us something about our office in this amazing city and HTEC culture.

“HTEC Group office in Skopje was established a few months ago. We started small but we are growing fast. We are very ambitious and have some amazing plans for our future growth. But, the most important thing is that we all nurture a very supportive culture that gives our future colleagues a world of possibilities to work on groundbreaking projects and with the latest technologies. 

However we start with the client, they eventually end up being our partners. When you reach that level of trust with them, you get to choose the technologies and projects you want to work on, and, I must say that we always focus on projects that really make a powerful impact on the industry. 

With so many opportunities to grow and develop yourself immensely, HTEC Group is a really great place to work.This is something that I think we need to echo, and this is something that people value. I believe that it’s very important to work in an environment like that.

Learn more about how HTEC is expending its presence in North Macedonia.

Driving Growth

Driven by rapid growth, HTEC Group continues to expand its presence in Europe (and maybe even further). 

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